Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174121-174140 of all 174,215 gems.
143,3150blatCurl::Multi wrapper for high-performance and/or long-running download tasks
143,3150daemonicDaemonic makes multi-threaded daemons easy.
143,3150dbd_ontoOntologies for Dbd
143,3150cdnjs-railsUse the CDNJS CDN to serve files and fall back to the local version if the CDN is unrea...
143,3150architectsArchitects is a RESTful API framework
143,3150anonymizeAnonymize database data on the fly
143,3150craigslist-dataa gem to scrape data off craigslist
143,3150authkickLightweight authentication for OmniAuth
143,3150amendBasic ODM wrapper for Rethinkdb
143,3150aviShit Avi Says!
143,3150bootstrap-jasnyRuby library for bootstrap-jasny developed by jasny(http://jasny.github.io/bootstrap/)
143,3150backbone-view-enhanced-events-declaration-railsA Rails 3 asset pipeline gem for Backbone.View.EnhancedEventsDeclaration mixin
143,3150bootstrap-file-inputFile input field looks like a Bootstrap button in all browsers (Thanks to https://githu...
143,3150chassis-ponyAdds Pony gem, config, templates, and Rake tasks to Chassis.
143,3150ava_rb_toolboxSmall useful additions to ruby standard classes
143,3150db_attrGenerate "WHERE" SQL conditions in a ruby way
143,3150concordia-publishing-house-syckA gemified version of Syck from Ruby's stdlib. Syck has been removed from Ruby's stdli...
143,3150bananasplitA split testing framework for Rails 3.x.x
143,3150dates2svgGenerate a SVG month grid w/ heatmap based on array of dates.