Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174121-174140 of all 179,035 gems.
151,0720bingBing api client library that exposes all of Bing's api features.
151,0720cassandra-jarsCassandra JARs
151,0720buildr-examplesExamples using Apache Buildr.
151,0720clobyClojure-based transactional semantics for Ruby instance variables
151,0720chargify_apiA better Chargify API wrapper,
151,0720caplockAdds a lock file to Capistrano deployments to prevent concurrent deployments.
151,0720datamapper4railcollection of datamapper related extensions. mostly needed to run within rails. the res...
151,0720cxxproject_clanganalyzercxxproject-plugin to facilitate the clang static code analyzer
151,0720colouringcode-passengerPassenger is an Apache module for Ruby on Rails support, custom error template support
151,0720big_machineAdd support for creating state machine on any ruby object
151,0720bundle_rcLoads bundlerc on bundle console
151,0720dam_levMeasures the distance between two strings using the Damerau–Levenshtein distance algori...
151,0720croA ruby gem that allows you to easily integrate with the Irish Companies Registration Of...
151,0720compass-cssfaultEasily create reusable layouts with Sass and Compass
151,0720crnixon-jekyllJekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
151,0720app-yml-railsAn awesome app.yml gem for Rails. Supports App.settings.nested_setting syntax, all/prod...
151,0720ClsRubyCurl Like Syntax for Ruby language
151,0720data_prepA tool to help prepare your data.
151,0720couchpopulatorThe idea behind this tool is to provide a framework for populating your CouchDB instanc...
151,0720autocompleteInsert an autocomplete-search-box inside your view