Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
174141-174160 of all 179,035 gems.
151,0720biniBini needs no description.
151,0720cloudeleteAR3 soft deletion
151,0720backtyperA Ruby wrapper for the BackType API
151,0720datesDates keeps track of things you two have been meaning to do, and learns to make good su...
151,0720combination_generatorCombination Generator - generate combination list in Ruby
151,0720cap_bootstrapCapistrano tasks for deploying Rails applications using Ubuntu 10.04, rbenv, nginx, Uni...
151,0720brain_loveBrainfuck implementation for fun and love
151,0720datizzleRuby DateTime formatting made legible.
151,0720atd-ancestryAncestry allows the records of a ActiveRecord model to be organised in a tree structure...
151,0720craftyCrafty provides you the tools to easily and flexibly create HTML output with pure Ruby.
151,0720adequackBe sure that your mocks are adequate
151,0720couchbase-structuresStack, Queue and SortedList structures implemented in Couchbase
151,0720ap_commandJSON file to awesome print for command line tool.
151,0720delegated_presenterSimple presenter allows for a simple way for you to present a model to your views witho...
151,0720bencviewView .torrent files; JSON export/import
151,0720active_mobileActive Mobile Gem
151,0720css-snippetsGem contains stylesheets and rails helpers which provides simple way to add useful css ...
151,0720AdminSpaceAdminSpace handle admin namespace for you
151,0720curve_fitCreates curve fitting and confidence intervals from cfityk
151,0720canada_postA Simple Ruby Class that communicates with Canada Post Server and provides a shipping e...