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178021-178040 of all 178,153 gems.
93,4710gmail_cliA simple toolbox for build utilities that talk to Gmail with OAuth2
93,4710fliptextsʇndıp bǝɯ ʇo ɟןıd ʇǝxʇ
93,4710effective_assetsUpload images and files directly to AWS S3 with a custom form input then seamlessly org...
93,4710carrierlookupThis library lets you lookup a north american phone carrier.
93,4710basinBasin provides a local web interface to track actions, projects, delegations, and i...
93,4710safe_credentialsEncrypt sensitive credentials so you can store your configuration files in source control
93,4710parkeonA Ruby wrapper to access the Parkeon parking meter API
93,4710paragonParagon is a Jekyll Powered CMS currently in Development
93,4710lexemeA simple lexical analyzer written in Ruby
93,4710forefrontForefront moves part of your backend to frontend.
93,4710better_jasminericeFull support for the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline when bdd'ing your coffeescript or javascr...
93,4710vehicle_dataRuby Client for VehicleData.co API
93,4710mongoid-force_booleanMongoid document boolean type field must be boolean.
93,4710glassmirrorUse the Google Glass Mirror API from Ruby
93,4710color-js-railscolor-js for Ruby on Rails asset pipeline
93,4710spree_sale_productsAdd (optional) gem description here
93,4710spree_google_merchantAdd (optional) gem description here
93,4710SAVAGESavage is a graphics language layered on top of SVG, in the spirit of Sass and Haml.
93,4710regex_methodDefine methods with a regex.
93,4710pin-paymentsA wrapper for the Pin Payments (https://pin.net.au/) API