Elia's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,4481,057composite_primary_keysComposite key support for ActiveRecord
22,2042,420defaceDeface is a library that allows you to customize ERB, Haml and Slim views in a Rails ap...
33,5302,683solidus_apiREST API for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
43,5362,693solidus_backendAdmin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
53,5402,714solidus_coreEssential models, mailers, and classes for the Solidus e-commerce project.
63,6002,605solidus_supportCommon runtime helpers for Solidus extensions.
73,6162,708solidus_sampleSample data (including images) for use with Solidus.
83,6442,727solidus_frontendLegacy cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project. For new Solidus apps, we...
93,6462,712solidusSolidus is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails.
103,6652,639solidus_auth_deviseProvides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...
114,6042,933solidus_gatewayAdditional Payment Gateways for Solidus
125,0823,270solidus_braintreeUses the javascript API for seamless braintree payments
135,6645,339opalOpal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runt...
147,7154,725activeadmin-mongoidActiveAdmin hacks to support Mongoid (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
1510,01412,858opal-railsRails bindings for opal JS engine
1610,6123,204solidus_stripeStripe Payment Method for Solidus
1711,03016,973opal-jqueryOpal DOM library for jQuery
1812,0875,806solidus_commentsAdds comments to the solidus admin
1912,88226,186opal-activesupportThe port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal
2012,93615,683opal-sprocketsSprockets support for Opal.
2113,02813,104opal-rspecOpal compatible RSpec library
2213,3029,426solidus_i18nA collection of translations for Solidus.
2313,5336,100solidus_reviewsReview and rating functionality for your Solidus store.
2414,5796,086solidus_dev_supportDevelopment tools for Solidus extensions.
2515,4305,219erb-formatterFormat ERB files with speed and precision.
2615,57314,336solidus_webhooksWebhooks support for Solidus
2718,27113,319solidus_paypal_commerce_platformIntegrate Solidus with Paypal Commerce Platform
2818,56423,254paggioRuby, HTML and CSS at war.
2919,46960,549solidus_related_productsAllows multiple types of relationships between products to be defined
3019,61316,699solidus_multi_domainMultiple Solidus stores on different domains - single unified backed for processing ord...
3120,2786,206solidus_product_assemblyMake bundle of products to your Solidus store
3221,43421,172spectatorWatches specs for a Ruby (1.8 or 1.9) or Rails (2 or 3) project
3321,51124,171opal-browserBrowser support for Opal.
3423,53214,489solidus_socialAdds social network login services (OAuth) to Solidus
3524,71939,381dimensions-railsUse dimensions by @sstephenson to add automatic images size and improve browser rendering
3625,33114,689solidus_jwtAdd Json Web Tokens to Solidus API
3727,740151,420cap-git-deployMikamai-style capistrano git deployment strategy
3827,94553,033solidus_trackersBreaking out trackers from solidus core
3931,55631,955solidus_editorCurrently supported editors are CKEditor and TinyMCE
4031,73936,396rails_console_toolkitFind records faster, add custom helpers, improve your console life by 100%.
4132,73426,186opal-hamlRun Haml templates client-side with Opal.
4233,51939,381eliauseful stuff...
4337,40327,353tmbundle-managerTextMate 2 Bundle/Package Manager
4441,19123,254solidus_volume_pricingAllow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant
4545,1653,292solidus_static_contentManage the static pages of your Solidus store or replace existing pages with a static v...
4646,02660,549fuubar-legacyThe instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter for rspec-1
4746,36828,709solidus_paypal_braintreeUses the javascript API for seamless braintree payments
4854,42260,549solidus_asset_variant_optionsSpree makes it tedious to upload the same image acrossmultiple variants. This gem solve...
4956,12453,033haml2erbHaml to ERB Converter
5063,17847,358react.rbWrite reactive UI component with Ruby's elegancy and compiled to run in Javascript.
5164,23627,353solidus_prototypesBreaking out prototypes from solidus
5264,45539,381solidus_cmdtools to create new Solidus extensions
5366,52170,893solidus_paybrightThis extension provides the Paybright payment option for your Solidus storefront
5468,23670,893tk-winRubyTk bindings for windows bundled with tcltklib.so and tkutil.so for windows RubyInst...
5570,884108,807solidus_sitemapProvides a sitemap file for Solidus
5676,23670,893rspec-rails-watchrWatches specs for a Rails (2 or 3) project
5783,23870,893erb-linterCheck your ERB files for closing tags, indentation, bad attributes etc.
5884,04460,549solidus_virtual_gift_cardVirtual gift card for purchase, drops into the user's account as store credit
5984,58653,033solidus_signifydSolidus extension for communicating with Signifyd to check orders for fraud.
6086,20670,893solidus_product_feedA Solidus extension that provides an RSS feed for products, with support for Google Mer...
6187,38570,893ie-compatSick of reimplementing `console.log` every time you have to support Microsoft Internet ...
6288,19485,749localizerIncludes localization helpers for: routing, views and controllers.
6389,182108,807solidus_active_shippingProvide shipping rates and tracking for Active Merchant carriers
6494,52870,893solidus_avataxSolidus extension to retrieve tax rates via Avalara's SOAP API.
6594,79536,396solidus_subscriptionsAdd subscription support to Solidus
6695,78270,893solidus_print_invoicePrint invoices from a spree order
67100,11985,749time_tapTimeTap helps you track the time you spend coding on each project while in TextMate.
68100,17570,893solidus_legacy_return_authorizationsProvides models and admin interfaces to interact with the LegacyReturnAuthorization mod...
69104,41685,749obviewsRestores the obvious OOP method interface between Rails controllers and views
70106,433108,807solidus_contentManage your Solidus content sources
71108,436108,807solidus_respondersRemoving responders out of solidus core
72115,234151,420compagesHere are the main features/aims of the project: * A pleasant user interface * Drag-n-dr...
73118,055108,807solidus_log_viewerAdds the ability to view payment logs in the admin
74118,65785,749solidus_importerSolidus Importer extension to migrate data from other eCommerce systems
75120,049151,420buffalo-runOh boy!, It's Buffalo!
76124,14253,033solidus_adminAdmin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
77124,287108,807hammurabiKing Hammurabi's famous code
78128,035108,807path_operatorAdds the / operator to String, Symbol and Pathname
79129,615108,807red_queryProvides DOM, Ajax, JSON functionality for Red. Heavy usage of jQuery.
80131,767108,807opal-viennaClient side MVC framework for Opal
81141,517108,807solidus_papertrailViews to see Order, Payment and Shipment Papertrail versions
83162,785151,420capistrano-server-plugMake the deploy server a simple capistrano setting
84163,127108,807route-deprecationsAdds ability to deprecate routes from config routes
85163,127151,420capistrano-uwsgiSimple uWSGI management with capistrano
86163,442108,807tumbleweedMechanized tumblr theme uploads
87164,27985,749solidus_starter_frontendCart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project.
88172,391108,807indagoLightweight drop-in Ransack replacement without the ActiveRecord hackery.
89173,190108,807receptiveThe perfect toolkit to lighten up your existing HTML
90175,88960,549solidus_zip_zonesCreate zone zip code based