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11,4131,614composite_primary_keysComposite key support for ActiveRecord
22,2322,720defaceDeface is a library that allows you to customize ERB, Haml and Slim views in a Rails ap...
33,3433,098solidus_apiREST API for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
43,3462,801solidus_coreEssential models, mailers, and classes for the Solidus e-commerce project.
53,3523,094solidus_backendAdmin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
63,4373,120solidus_sampleSample data (including images) for use with Solidus.
73,4523,117solidusSolidus is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails.
83,4593,131solidus_frontendLegacy cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project. For new Solidus apps, we...
93,4643,089solidus_auth_deviseProvides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...
103,5286,061solidus_supportCommon runtime helpers for Solidus extensions.
114,1223,207solidus_gatewayAdditional Payment Gateways for Solidus
124,4793,249solidus_braintreeUses the javascript API for seamless braintree payments
135,8417,287opalOpal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runt...
145,9163,249solidus_stripeStripe Payment Method for Solidus
156,9632,582activeadmin-mongoidActiveAdmin hacks to support Mongoid (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
1610,45710,548opal-railsRails bindings for opal JS engine
1710,7493,590erb-formatterFormat ERB files with speed and precision.
1811,20441,723solidus_commentsAdds comments to the solidus admin
1911,41941,723solidus_reviewsReview and rating functionality for your Solidus store.
2011,54722,837opal-jqueryOpal DOM library for jQuery (Use jQuery with Ruby code)
2113,28815,862solidus_i18nA collection of translations for Solidus.
2213,36010,157opal-sprocketsSprockets support for Opal.
2313,45522,837opal-activesupportThe port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal
2413,4829,853opal-rspecOpal compatible RSpec library
2514,29015,862solidus_dev_supportDevelopment tools for Solidus extensions.
2615,3327,374solidus_webhooksWebhooks support for Solidus
2715,61941,723solidus_product_assemblyMake bundle of products to your Solidus store
2816,00241,723solidus_static_contentManage the static pages of your Solidus store or replace existing pages with a static v...
2917,4327,374solidus_paypal_commerce_platformIntegrate Solidus with Paypal Commerce Platform
3019,20118,223paggioRuby, HTML and CSS at war.
3119,90341,723solidus_multi_domainMultiple Solidus stores on different domains - single unified backed for processing ord...
3220,37741,723solidus_related_productsAllows multiple types of relationships between products to be defined
3322,02022,837spectatorWatches specs for a Ruby (1.8 or 1.9) or Rails (2 or 3) project
3422,04114,189opal-browserBrowser support for Opal.
3522,68641,723solidus_socialAdds social network login services (OAuth) to Solidus
3625,45514,189solidus_jwtAdd Json Web Tokens to Solidus API
3725,55141,723dimensions-railsUse dimensions by @sstephenson to add automatic images size and improve browser rendering
3828,47841,723cap-git-deployMikamai-style capistrano git deployment strategy
3929,03015,862solidus_trackersBreaking out trackers from solidus core
4031,66041,723solidus_editorCurrently supported editors are CKEditor and TinyMCE
4132,51141,723rails_console_toolkitFind records faster, add custom helpers, improve your console life by 100%.
4232,59422,837opal-hamlRun Haml templates client-side with Opal.
4334,37422,837eliauseful stuff...
4437,85041,723tmbundle-managerTextMate 2 Bundle/Package Manager
4540,32622,837solidus_volume_pricingAllow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant
4646,44241,723solidus_paypal_braintreeUses the javascript API for seamless braintree payments
4747,46541,723fuubar-legacyThe instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter for rspec-1
4856,05541,723solidus_asset_variant_optionsSpree makes it tedious to upload the same image acrossmultiple variants. This gem solve...
4956,83222,837haml2erbHaml to ERB Converter
5058,75841,723solidus_prototypesBreaking out prototypes from solidus
5163,76341,723react.rbWrite reactive UI component with Ruby's elegancy and compiled to run in Javascript.
5265,14122,837solidus_cmdtools to create new Solidus extensions
5368,13041,723solidus_paybrightThis extension provides the Paybright payment option for your Solidus storefront
5469,88241,723tk-winRubyTk bindings for windows bundled with tcltklib.so and tkutil.so for windows RubyInst...
5572,0839,574solidus_adminAdmin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.
5672,18241,723solidus_sitemapProvides a sitemap file for Solidus
5777,48541,723rspec-rails-watchrWatches specs for a Rails (2 or 3) project
5878,16412,953erb-linterCheck your ERB files for closing tags, indentation, bad attributes etc.
5984,30541,723solidus_virtual_gift_cardVirtual gift card for purchase, drops into the user's account as store credit
6085,00841,723solidus_signifydSolidus extension for communicating with Signifyd to check orders for fraud.
6187,14441,723solidus_product_feedA Solidus extension that provides an RSS feed for products, with support for Google Mer...
6288,13941,723ie-compatSick of reimplementing `console.log` every time you have to support Microsoft Internet ...
6389,26941,723localizerIncludes localization helpers for: routing, views and controllers.
6490,98022,837solidus_subscriptionsAdd subscription support to Solidus
6591,59441,723solidus_active_shippingProvide shipping rates and tracking for Active Merchant carriers
6695,15141,723solidus_avataxSolidus extension to retrieve tax rates via Avalara's SOAP API.
6796,42341,723solidus_print_invoicePrint invoices from a spree order
68100,48441,723solidus_legacy_return_authorizationsProvides models and admin interfaces to interact with the LegacyReturnAuthorization mod...
69101,58741,723time_tapTimeTap helps you track the time you spend coding on each project while in TextMate.
70105,66041,723obviewsRestores the obvious OOP method interface between Rails controllers and views
71108,67341,723solidus_contentManage your Solidus content sources
72110,64641,723solidus_respondersRemoving responders out of solidus core
73117,02741,723compagesHere are the main features/aims of the project: * A pleasant user interface * Drag-n-dr...
74118,43041,723solidus_importerSolidus Importer extension to migrate data from other eCommerce systems
75119,68341,723solidus_log_viewerAdds the ability to view payment logs in the admin
76120,75541,723buffalo-runOh boy!, It's Buffalo!
77125,71941,723hammurabiKing Hammurabi's famous code
78129,61941,723path_operatorAdds the / operator to String, Symbol and Pathname
79131,28541,723red_queryProvides DOM, Ajax, JSON functionality for Red. Heavy usage of jQuery.
80133,31022,837opal-viennaClient side MVC framework for Opal
81142,89341,723solidus_papertrailViews to see Order, Payment and Shipment Papertrail versions
83162,57441,723solidus_starter_frontendCart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project.
84164,53041,723capistrano-server-plugMake the deploy server a simple capistrano setting
85164,72241,723capistrano-uwsgiSimple uWSGI management with capistrano
86165,05641,723route-deprecationsAdds ability to deprecate routes from config routes
87165,29841,723tumbleweedMechanized tumblr theme uploads
88172,64522,837receptiveThe perfect toolkit to lighten up your existing HTML
89172,78622,837solidus_zip_zonesCreate zone zip code based
90173,47741,723indagoLightweight drop-in Ransack replacement without the ActiveRecord hackery.