#43081's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1616404mixlib-shelloutRun external commands on Unix or Windows
2730499artifactoryA Ruby client for Artifactory
3754440mixlib-configA class based configuration library
4781444mixlib-logA gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality
5907468ffi-yajlRuby FFI wrapper around YAJL 2.x
6926449libyajl2Installs a vendored copy of libyajl2 for distributions which lack it
71,1902,042chefA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
81,2231,486mixlib-authenticationMixes in simple per-request authentication
91,3582,333chef-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef server for testing and solo setup...
101,5661,618mixlib-archiveA simple interface to various archive formats
111,9401,695solveA Ruby version constraint solver
122,0936,659varia_modelA mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing
132,1012,653berkshelfManages a Chef cookbook's dependencies
142,1056,430buff-extensionsExtensions to Core Ruby classes
152,1286,811buff-shell_outA mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output
162,1326,932buff-ruby_engineA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
172,1365,770buff-configA simple configuration class
182,1576,430buff-ignoreParse ignore files with Ruby
192,8273,004license_scoutDiscovers license files of a project's dependencies.
203,5966,912berkshelf-api-clientAPI Client for communicating with a Berkshelf API server
213,68713,239knife-aclKnife plugin to manupulate Chef server access control lists
224,4848,738dep_selectorGiven packages, versions, and a dependency graph, find a valid assignment of package ve...
234,6744,312cheffishA set of Chef resources for configuring Chef Infra.
244,8198,927dep-selector-libgecodeInstalls a vendored copy of Gecode suitable for use with dep-selector
255,2684,795appbundlerExtracts a dependency solution from bundler's Gemfile.lock to speed gem activation
265,5314,721gcewinpassReset a password on a Google Compute Engine instance running Windows.
275,7855,229chef-solrVendored Apache Solr for use with Chef Server
285,93213,386omnibusOmnibus is a framework for building self-installing, full-stack software builds.
296,1285,927em-winrmEventMachine based, asynchronous parallel WinRM client
306,6145,689appbundle-updaterUpdates appbundled apps in Chef's omnibus packages
316,96721,941vagrant-omnibusA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...
326,9877,595chef-provisioningA library for creating machines and infrastructures idempotently in Chef.
337,23910,419vagrant-berkshelfA Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners
347,2637,073chef-server-apiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
357,3027,005chef-server-webuiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
367,4996,977chef-serverA meta-gem to install all server components of the Chef configuration management system
378,3466,954chef-provisioning-awsProvisioner for creating aws containers in Chef Provisioning.
388,56129,524dynect_restUse the Dynect services REST API
398,78456,038knife-reportingKnife plugin for Opscode Reporting. Adds two new commands 'knife runs show' and 'knife...
408,9676,659chef-dkA streamlined development and deployment workflow for Chef platform.
418,9917,983chef-expanderA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
429,5047,503knife-essentialsUniversal knife verbs that work with your Chef repository
4310,57010,744chef-provisioning-sshProvisioner for managing servers using ssh in Chef Provisioning.
4411,37110,419chef-provisioning-fogDriver for creating Fog instances in Chef Provisioning.
4511,72150,424knife-pushKnife plugin for Chef Push Jobs
4611,7339,279compat_resourceBring some new features of Chef 12.5 to previous 12.X releases
4712,31324,114knife-rackspaceRackspace Support for Chef's Knife Command
4813,19012,044knife-ec-backupBackup and Restore of Enterprise Chef
4914,80747,391knife-opcKnife Tools for Chef Infra Server
5015,12015,315knife-openstackA Chef Infra knife plugin for OpenStack clouds.
5115,45956,038knife-supermarketKnife support for interacting with Chef Supermarkets
5215,68020,645knife-azureA plugin to the Chef Infra knife tool for creating instances on the Microsoft Azure pla...
5317,05415,097berkshelf-apiBerkshelf dependency API server
5417,65360,926buff-platformA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
5527,29415,097berkflowA CLI for managing Chef Environments using Berkshelf and the Environment Cookbook Pattern.
5627,57915,515chef-provisioning-vagrantDriver for creating Vagrant instances in Chef Provisioning.
5727,89721,518chef-provisioning-dockerProvisioner for creating Docker containers in Chef Provisioning.
5828,09434,216knife-vrealizeChef Infra Knife plugin to interact with VMware vRealize.
5930,22917,541chef-provisioning-azureThis is a driver that works with chef-provisioning that allows Chef Provisioning to man...
6032,82060,926passwordmaskerSmall Ruby class to store a password, but return masked characters for console output t...
6132,85743,761chef-reportingBackport of Chef Reporting handler for Chef < 11.6.0
6233,79232,745chef-rundeckProvides a resource endpoint for RunDeck from a Chef Server
6334,58626,063knife-blueboxChef knife plugin for Blue Box
6435,86925,341chef_fixieLow level manipulation tool for Chef Infra Server
6539,30180,006omniauth-chefOmniAuth strategy for Chef
6648,86434,216knife-maasA knife plugin to interact with MAAS
6751,02943,761chef-server-sliceA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
6853,84770,382knife-hpHP Cloud Services Cloud support for Chef's Knife command
6959,435103,205knife-eucalyptusEucalyptus Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
7061,10635,575chef-provisioning-vraA Chef Provisioning driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
7169,034103,205kitchen-libvirtlxcKitchen driver for libvirt LXC containers
7271,09539,177chef-provisioning-lxcProvisioner for creating LXC containers in Chef Provisioning.
7379,24870,382knife-vcairVMware vcair support for Chef's Knife command
7479,35650,424berkshelf-bzrA Berkshelf plugin that adds support for downloading Chef cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
7583,693103,205knife-oraclecloudKnife plugin to interact with Oracle Cloud.
7684,05580,006curve_fitCreates curve fitting and confidence intervals from cfityk
7790,050103,205knife-analyticsKnife plugin for the Chef analytics platform.
78111,380103,205oraclecloudClient gem for interacting with the Oracle Cloud API.
79115,53680,006circonus-muninUse Munin Node with Circonus
80116,77680,006chef_handler_splunkStores data about Chef runs for Splunk
81117,56080,006chef-datadogBasic datadog integration
82119,212103,205mixlib-jsonSelects best-available JSON library, and provides a common API.
83126,549103,205knife-terremarkTerremark Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
84134,01180,006chef-analyticsA Chef analytics API client with minimal dependencies
85137,703103,205omniauth-opscodeAuthenticate via the Opscode Web UI