Meh99's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,6645,339opalOpal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runt...
25,74830,201refiningEasily refine methods
35,799151,420call-meThis gem supports various calling related features. The supported features are: ...
45,81470,893ffi-extraSome extra methods for FFI
55,82360,549ffi-inlineInline C/C++ in Ruby easily and cleanly.
65,85224,171tesseract-ocrA wrapper library to the tesseract-ocr API.
710,01412,858opal-railsRails bindings for opal JS engine
812,88226,186opal-activesupportThe port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal
912,9858,660threadpoolA simple no-wasted-resources thread pool implementation.
1013,02813,104opal-rspecOpal compatible RSpec library
1114,066151,420cljLike json, but with clojure sexps.
1218,56423,254paggioRuby, HTML and CSS at war.
1321,51124,171opal-browserBrowser support for Opal.
1422,51034,000fffsA virtual filesystem for embedded data.
1525,912151,420colorbColorify strings in your terminal, 256 colors supported.
1628,17430,201herpesA event/notification handler.
1729,37530,201refrSimple reference implementation
1831,01031,955versionubA library to manage version strings.
1931,49431,955rbfA simple Brainfuck interpreter.
2031,794151,420bitmapSimple and stupid bitmap implementation (bitmap as in bitset, not bitmap image)
2133,47636,396LOLastfmLOL a scrobbler.
2233,98639,381mboxA simple library to read mbox files.
2335,69336,396rake-convertConvert a Rakefile to Makefile and configure script
2439,33839,381opal-nativeEasy support for native objects in Opal
2539,551151,420cmuscmus remote controller library.
2640,71239,381mocmoc controller library.
2741,761151,420boolean-expressionA simple library to evaluate boolean expressions.
2852,71447,358withStupid Python-like with statement
2954,11553,033glyrWrapper library for glyr.
3055,96153,033proc-extraSome extra methods having to do with proc
3158,375108,807dm-unlazyGet unlazy collections, for when you know you are going to use all that data anyway.
3263,63660,549hwaddrMAC address handling.
3375,35170,893require-extraSome extra methods having to do with #require
3581,86770,893x11Bindings for X11
3684,092151,420arpoonARP changes reporting daemon, can be used to protect against spoofing.
3790,373151,420clitLibrary for nice looking CLI output.
3891,29585,749optimusAn automated yet fully customizable command line options parser.
3995,80285,749opal-forwardableOpal implementation of forwardable
4096,10585,749opal-typed-arrayOpal support for typed arrays
4196,35985,749sensorsBindings and wrapper for libsensors
42100,65270,893orgasmA Ruby (dis)?assembler library.
43105,90285,749hardstatusHardstatus helpers for screen, because tmux just does not cut it for me.
44116,332108,807failircA fail IRC library, Server and Client. Includes a working IRCd and IRCbot.
45117,632151,420barlumeA dim light over asynchronous I/O land.
46118,002151,420faildnsA fail DNS library, Server and Client.
47118,68585,749packoA really flexible package manager, inspired by portage and pacman.
48127,177108,807mpdMPD controller library.
49128,824108,807opal-singletonOpal implementation of singleton
50129,048108,807rtripcodeGenerate tripcodes.
51129,938108,807thread-extraSome extra stuff having to do with threads
52131,767108,807opal-viennaClient side MVC framework for Opal
53132,276108,807tortardMap SOCKS address:port to real:port.
54157,889108,807torchatTorchat implementation in Ruby, event-driven EventMachine based library.
55163,106108,807sysctlA wrapper around sysctl to make its use cool in OpenBSD too