Rymai's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1119133listenThe Listen gem listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes. Works ...
2295344guardGuard is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications.
3356347notiffanyWrapper libray for most popular notification libraries such as Growl, Libnotify, No...
4368353shellanyMRI+JRuby compatible command output capturing
5904590gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
61,127894gitlab-stylesGitLab style guides and shared style configs.
71,192984prometheus-client-mmapA suite of instrumentation metric primitivesthat can be exposed through a web services ...
81,201970rubocop-gitlab-securityBasic security checking for Ruby files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcing &...
91,3021,012grape-path-helpersRoute path helpers for Grape
101,3761,115gitlab-mail_roommail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method
111,3861,130gitlab-net-dnsNet::DNS is a pure Ruby DNS library, with a clean OO interface and an extensible API.
121,3981,133slack-messengerA slim ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
131,7192,456guard-bundlerGuard::Bundler automatically install/update your gem bundle when needed
141,7411,155gitlab-omniauth-openid-connectOpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.
151,7851,159gitlab-license_finderLicenseFinder works with your package managers to find dependencies, detect the lic...
162,0602,453guard-minitestGuard::Minitest automatically run your tests with Minitest framework (much like autotest)
172,3691,694gitlab-triageGitLab triage automation project.
182,41592,897gitlab-pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack a...
192,44192,897gitlab-puma_worker_killerKills pumas, the code kind
202,7403,998guard-cucumberGuard::Cucumber automatically run your features (much like autotest)
212,8513,451gitlab-qaIntegration tests for GitLab
223,23774,524gitlab-pry-byebugCombine 'pry' with 'byebug'. Adds 'step', 'next', 'finish', 'continue' and 'break' ...
234,33092,897gitlab-peekTake a peek into your Rails application.
245,13392,897gitlab-default_value_forThe default_value_for plugin allows one to define default values for ActiveRecord model...
255,3107,493guard-testGuard::Test automatically run your tests on file modification.
267,39123,735guard-compassGuard::Compass automatically rebuilds scss|sass files when a modification occurs taking...
2710,21292,897guard-hamlCompiles file.html.haml into file.html
2814,22913,319gitlab_kramdownGitLab Flavored Markdown extensions on top of Kramdown markup. Tries to be as close as ...
2917,75492,897guard-sprocketsGuard::Sprockets automatically packages your JavaScript files together.
3030,89992,897guard-ronnGuard::Ronn automatically builds your manual pages.
3168,17292,897edge_castEdgeCast Web Services REST API Ruby wrapper.
3279,52792,897http_content_typeThis gem allows you to check the Content-Type of any HTTP-accessible asset.
33132,16974,524rack-devise_cookie_authRack middleware to log in from a "remember me" Devise cookie.
34138,31292,897sublime_video_layoutLayout for all SublimeVideo applications.
35160,83474,524solidus_fulfillmentSolidus extension to do fulfillment processing via various services when a shipment bec...
36171,94892,897gitlab-grpcSend RPCs from Ruby using GRPC