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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1260709jquery-ui-railsjQuery UI's JavaScript, CSS, and image files packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline
25,8135,424active_record_migrationsActiveRecord Stand-alone migrations
310,80511,275sequel-deviseDevise support for Sequel models
414,92710,123rails-web-consoleRun any Ruby script from the context of a web request.
519,7285,289rails_compatible_cookies_utilsProvides utility methods to read and write cookies shared with a Rails app
621,22529,445rspec_nested_transactionsEnable nested transactions for suites, contexts and examples. Useful to rollback DB cha...
722,20529,445oojspecA test runner similar to RSpec for client-side code built on top of Buster.js that ...
822,56929,445jdbc-postgresqlPackages the jdbc official driver in a gem
925,54819,390jquery-layout-railsResizable panels jQuery plugin.
1028,01429,445oojsThis is a bundle of tools for helping you to create well organized client-side ...
1128,81229,445auto_reloaderA transparent code reloader.
1230,02029,445rails-sandbox-assetsOverride your test runner and run rake sandbox_assets:serve
1348,46729,445common-dialogsProvide non-blocking (asynchronous) alert, confirm and prompt for JavaScript applications
1457,18429,445rails_sandbox_jasmineAdd Jasmine spec runner to Rails
1564,07729,445fake-ajax-serverFake your AJAX requests in your tests/specs.
1672,85029,445rack_web_consoleA web console for Rack apps.
1785,42129,445global_hotkeys_managerIntegrates with command line tools like xbindkeys and xdotool to assign global hotkeys ...
1890,58229,445sequel_toolsOffer tooling for common database operations, such as running Sequel migrations, store ...
1998,34429,445fix-lame-id3-generated-by-k3bFix id3 tag encodings generated by lame in K3b
20109,32129,445rails_sandbox_mocha_chaiAdd Mocha/Chai spec runner to Rails
21110,22029,445rails-sandbox-busterjsRun your Buster.js tests/specs taking full advantage of the Rails Assets Pipeline
22125,51029,445simple_mail_builderNo monkey patches or advanced usage, low footprint.
23131,37129,445rack_toolkitThis gem makes it easier to start a Puma server that will bind to a dynamic free port b...