Darrenleeweber's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,8226,698active-fedoraActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...
25,9779,763hydra-access-controlsAccess controls for project hydra
36,0309,730hydra-coreHydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full...
46,78711,594solrizerUse solrizer to populate solr indexes. You can run solrizer from within your app, usin...
56,96414,628omOM (Opinionated Metadata): A library to help you tame sprawling XML schemas like MODS. ...
67,75023,604rubydoraFedora Commons REST API ruby library
78,00925,204hydraProject Hydra Stack Dependencies
88,1447,345qaProvides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...
98,31119,248jettywrapperSpin up a jetty instance (e.g., the one at https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra-jetty)...
109,7028,879active_encodeThis gem provides an interface to transcoding services such as Ffmpeg, Amazon Elastic T...
1110,30844,991sufiaSufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...
1211,63510,856curation_concernsA Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")
1311,87444,991sufia-modelsModels and services for sufia
1412,33812,677hydra-collectionsA rails engine for managing Hydra Collections
1512,62118,770samvera-nesting_indexerSamvera nested collections indexing
1612,90922,315active_fedora-noidNoid identifier services for ActiveFedora-based applications.
1713,83211,011iiif-image-apiRuby APIs for working with IIIF
1814,35944,991hydra-batch-editRails engine to do batch editing with curation_concerns
1917,02820,553active_fedora-registered_attributesAn ActiveFedora extension for registring attributes
2017,72744,991hydra-remote_identifierHandles the registration and minting of remote identifiers (i.e. DOI, ARK, ORCID)
2118,03544,991hydra-pbcoreA Hydra gem that offers PBCore datastream definitions using OM
2218,64044,991solrizer-fedoraAn extension to projecthydra/solrizer that provides utilities for loading objects from ...
2319,69044,991triannonRails engine for working with OpenAnnotations stored in Fedora4
2419,89744,991fcrepo_adminA Rails engine for administrative access to a Fedora Commons repository based on the Hy...
2520,07815,315curateA data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia
2625,69819,248activefedora-aggregationAggregations for active-fedora
2726,06244,991hydra-tutorialTutorial that works through setting up a hydra head
2828,47644,991hybagA Hydra gem for adding BagIt functionality to ActiveFedora models.
2929,38344,991fedora_lensA client for Fedora Commons Repository (fcrepo) version 4
3029,83544,991marc2linkeddataUtilities for translation of Marc21 records to linked open data.
3129,84330,260active_fedora_relsintActiveFedora library to allow use of RELS-INT to track RDF assertions about datastreams...
3231,58444,991geo_concernsRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around Curation Concerns engine.
3332,36044,991curation_concerns-modelsAn extensible repository data-model with works and and many attached files
3432,55917,724orcidA Rails engine for orcid.org integration.
3533,74121,422active_fedora-datastreamsXML and RDF datastreams for ActiveFedora
3635,96644,991hydra-validationsValidations for Hydra applications, based on ActiveModel::Validations
3740,10544,991geomashParse string for potential geographic matches and return that data along with the TGN I...
3840,87044,991fedora-migrateMigrates data (models, datastreams, content) from a Fedora3 repository to Fedora4
3943,58844,991hydra-modsHydra MODS components split out from hydra-head
4044,26944,991triannon-clientA client for RESTful transactions with a triannon annotation server
4145,63744,991app_version_tasksRake tasks to manage application semantic version.
4247,64844,991annotations2triannonUtilities for bulk loading annotations into triannon
4353,34644,991hydra-ldapA gem for managing groups with ldap
4453,75744,991worthwhileA self-deposit system with works and and many attached files
4560,02444,991hydra-migrateSimple migrations for Hydra objects
4665,25444,991dpn-bagitAn implementation of the DPN Bagit spec.
4770,29344,991dpn_swagger_engineAPI docs for dpn-server.
4873,54244,991linked_vocabsLinked Data Controlled Vocabularies for ActiveFedora::Rdf.
4973,96044,991geo_worksRails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around the Hyrax engine.
5082,07044,991share_notifyProvides basic API integration with ShareNotify
51102,62844,991huborgMake changes to Organization Repositories en-masse.
52110,51644,991dpn-clientA client to process the DPN api.
53121,15044,991rdf-resourceIt uses RDF.rb and several RDF::Vocab, with options for caching RDF resources.
54128,08135,049order_upBackend agnostic queuing implementation
55140,54944,991single_use_linksDescription of SingleUseLinks.
56140,95844,991dpn_copsDpnCops is a Rubocop configuration gem that holds DPN's baseline Ruby style guide.
57147,92144,991cap-vivo-mapperThis utility maps Stanford CAP profiles to VIVO.
58160,88444,991hydra-grouperThe long awaited separation of groups and roles for Project Hydra.