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153821-153840 of all 161,136 gems.
153,815697swagger2mdConvert swagger.json to markdown file
153,815697tcarter_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,815697cc_issuerRuby gem to find issuer of the Credit Card
153,815697agingIt is extension of Date Class, which calculate age
153,815697fluentd-plugin-coralogixCoralogix Fluentd plugin to send logs to Coralogix server.
153,815697one_popA simple hello world gem
153,815697monacoin-openassets-rubyThe implementation of the Open Assets Protocol for Ruby.
153,815697around_methodRuby gem for method composition
153,815697require-dirA gem to require all files in a directory
153,815697romberg_integralRomberg numerical integration class.
153,815697repeatMake many repeated HTTP calls in various ways.
153,815697ruta_destroyGenerate memorable random names to use in your apps or anywhere else. Remember la ruta ...
153,815697givelively-assetsThe gem holds base assets that are common across all our applications
153,815697magnetiteSome description
153,815697closhClosh automatically bootstrap servers in the cloud to run shell commands
153,837696rspec_tesults_formatterRSpec Tesults Formatter makes it easy to push test results data to Tesults from your RS...
153,837696simple_flagSimple but powerful feature flag implementation in 90 LOC.
153,837696dongjia_ritmHTTP(S) Intercept Proxy
153,837696flywayMigratorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.