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153761-153780 of all 156,471 gems.
153,751407butter_cms_v2Ruby wrapper for the ButterCMS API
153,751407stable-matchingA ruby implementation of various stable matching algorithms
153,751407view_tool_portfolioProvides general html data for rails application
153,751407srdjan_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
153,751407linear_jedi_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,751407mbedtlsA gem that lets you use the mbed TLS cryptography library with Ruby.
153,751407grapyCRUD for Rails Grape
153,768406decidim-mpassidAdds MPASSid authentication provider to Decidim.
153,768406bifrosshtSSH auto-routing proxy command
153,768406hola_jamsA simple hello world gem
153,768406devcamp_copyright_raProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
153,768406kramdown-math-sskatexkramdown-math-sskatex uses katex to convert math elements to HTML+MathML on the server ...
153,768406vlc_proxySimple Ruby wrapper around the HTTP server VLC exposes
153,768406argon2-simpleSimplifies the process of hashing a password with Argon2 and checking if a submitted pa...
153,768406anystreamRuby streaming client for any backend
153,768406with_publicAdds Module#with_public to make private instance methods temporarily public.
153,768406simple_mathA simple math gem which provides a set of tools for math operations.
153,768406jekyll-data-pagesGenerete pages from data
153,768406zweifischeRuby binding for @drewcsillag twofish implementation