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153741-153760 of all 161,144 gems.
153,737704nanoc-specProvides Nanoc::Spec, containing functionality for writing tests for Nanoc
153,737704fastlane-plugin-ram_diskUse a temporary ram disk to do anything else
153,737704rubyfy-railsAdding just a touch of Ruby goodness to your JavaScript app.
153,737704git_org_file_scannerScans all github repositories in a github org check for the presence of a file
153,737704rpush_extendedThe push notification service for Ruby.
153,737704kumolus-monitRetrieve server information from Monit.
153,737704simpleoptparseutility class for OptionParse class.
153,737704wavefront-chef-handlerThe Chef Handler gem which will be invoked from Chef based on events, to report the eve...
153,737704rails_papercssRails gem for Papercss framework.
153,737704doge_linguistA Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.
153,737704piahA library for constructing data pipelines.
153,737704intacct_ruby_teamAllows for multi-function API calls, the addition of custom fields, and more. All in an...
153,737704seamus-pasqualShortcuts for postgres commands, with option to use ENV-configured conenction URLs
153,737704hola_from_wendyA simple hello world gem
153,737704words_with_kristhis is a practice Gem
153,756703sidekiq_unique_digests_cleanerTool for cleaning unique digests which were stuck because of SIGKILL or any other accid...
153,756703jisho_apiRuby client gem for the unofficial Jisho API.
153,756703receive_selfSometimes inherited method return superclass instance and we fill irritating. ...
153,756703active_elastic_job_for_fifoRun background jobs / tasks of Rails applications deployed in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk ...