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153741-153760 of all 157,174 gems.
153,727468rails-cache-inspectorDead simple tool for visual debugging of fragment cache.
153,727468lbryRuby wrapper for LBRY and LBRYcrd APIs
153,727468syslog-logstash-logglyThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
153,727468runumeralsConvertation of numeric values to russian numerals
153,727468stelzer_view_toolProvides gnerated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,727468prime_testPrint n prime numbers as multiplicative table to terminal
153,727468nat20Nat20 adds easy to use dice rolling functionality with input in the style of table top ...
153,727468open_api-loaderLoads OAS scheme and updates it to OAS3 standard
153,727468messagemedia_webhooks_sdkThe MessageMedia Webhooks allows you to subscribe to one or several events and when one...
153,727468test_hyraxHyrax is a featureful Hydra front-end based on the latest and greatest Hydra software c...
153,727468adsense_asyncGoogle provides async and sync api(javascript) to show ads, adsense_async gem support g...
153,752467sidekiq-metricsMetrics about your workers of Sidekiq
153,752467smart_proxy_dhcp_bluecatBlueCat DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
153,752467jester-dataWeb-based, operating, dockerized on the cloud platform
153,752467pakspyTools for working with Quake style PAK files.
153,752467wings-frameworkWings is a Rack-based, MVC framework with REST implementation, also supports ORM for da...
153,752467mos6510Emulate the CPU in the Commodore 64 and other classic home computers
153,752467rom-githubGithub API HTTP client for ROM
153,752467widgets-api-clientWigets Api Client Wrapper
153,752467all_sortIf you want to choose differene sorting Algorithm for a particular case. use this Gem