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154341-154360 of all 154,829 gems.
154,341243lapidistSynchronized gem releases
154,341243ssaifee_view_toolProvides generated application data for rails application
154,341243rabbit-slide-unasuke-rejectkaigi2019RejectKaigi 2019
154,341243magic_parserThe magic_parser ruby gem provides an easy way to do most simple parsing of text files....
154,341243raja_smsGem for integrate with Raja Sms
154,341243snaptimeMulti-threaded job backend with database queuing for ruby.
154,341243stimulantHelper to integrate Stimulus into Rails application
154,348242devpadManage your devpad from a command line like a pro
154,348242gue_view_toolprovides generated HTML data for rails application.
154,348242pongaConfigurationless email
154,348242unxlsParser for Microsoft Excel BIFF8 .xls files
154,348242swagger-doc-railsGenerates json files for rails apps to use with swagger-ui
154,348242pantomathOpentracing utility
154,348242ubnt-usg-restoreThe Unifi USG has a USB drive in the unit that can be restored by this utility
154,348242holao: Write a longer description or delete this line.
154,348242tipcalc'A gem for generating tip values based on a number of inputs.'
154,348242ElectricCityPredictorreturns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.
154,360241publisheriosAntenna aims to take the pain out of creating and distributing all the necessary files ...