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Most downloads over all time
154661-154680 of all 154,827 gems.
154,659174staartSTAtechARTs in Ruby
154,662173ruspea_langA full featured lisp to be used as a Ruby Library (written in Ruby)
154,662173azure-ttsText-to-speech gem based using Azure Cognitive Speech Services.
154,662173model-mapperEasy way to configure what data is mapped between models
154,662173uw-fluent-plugin-throttleFluentd filter for throttling logs based on a configurable key.
154,662173plusbumpUse this gem to automate the automation of version bumping in git
154,667172local_uriUseful and slight extension to Ruby's URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) core module.
154,667172jekyll-turbolinksHooks turbolinks into a Jekyll site for faster navigation
154,667172hola_harashoA simple hello world gem
154,670171circular_arrayEndless array
154,670171my_gem_17400Much longer explanation of the example!
154,670171wrap_wordsWraps words to a certain number of characters per line.
154,670171word_wrap_gemThis gem wraps words to the next line based on the column lengthman rak
154,670171dekoratorAn opinionated way of organizing model-view code in Ruby on Rails, based on decorators
154,675170podcast-agentA GEM to identify podcast agent information
154,675170tello_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
154,675170pg_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
154,675170passgen3kA simple password genorator.
154,679169describedForthcoming: extension to Cucumber to work directly with Ruby objects like you do in RSpec
154,679169openproject-join_projectThis plugin provides a mechanism to allow non-members to join a project.