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154661-154680 of all 158,051 gems.
154,652448atozgenclient side serial number management, for the ATOZPAY projects access.
154,652448brazilian-utilsUtils library for specific Brazilian business.
154,652448railsdeprecatedsanitizerYou probably meant `gem install rails-deprecated_sanitizer`.
154,652448option_max_painAutomatically calculate max pain of options listed on the National Stock Exchange of In...
154,665447rails_parse_headParse head html (
154,665447zug_zugHook Warcraft sounds to your Git commands
154,665447nsqcdnsq consumer daemon, using serverengin and nsq_ruby.
154,665447failblazerA frozen and heavily hacked version of Trailblazer 2.0.7
154,665447mc_queryRuby bindings to query Minecraft servers based on the RCON protocol.
154,665447ztozto express sdk
154,665447bitrise-clientA ruby client for Bitrise API
154,665447brickset_apiThis gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the (v2) API. The API...
154,665447jekyll-tacoJekyll theme for a small brochure-style site.
154,665447cmbpayAn unofficial simple cmb netpayment gem, copied from alipay
154,665447quacksAdd signatures to your methods
154,677446awais_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby Palindrome Detector
154,677446calromCommand line utility providing access to the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar (post-V...
154,677446crush_picsLightweight client for API
154,677446opsgenie-scheduleA RubyGem that fetches Opsgenie schedules