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154741-154760 of all 155,317 gems.
154,741253embulk-input-kintoneLoads records from Kintone.
154,741253authlogic_pwned_passwordsLeverages the Pwned Password API to determine if a password has been seen in public dat...
154,741253strelka-presentersStrelka-Presenters is a plugin for the Strelka web framework that adds integration with...
154,741253rhm_devcamp_view_toolProvided generated HTML data for Rails applications.
154,741253workarea-save_for_laterWorkarea Commerce plugin for saving items from cart for later
154,741253tensaiSymbolic AI for Ruby
154,741253ssaifee_view_toolProvides generated application data for rails application
154,741253rabbit-slide-unasuke-rejectkaigi2019RejectKaigi 2019
154,741253pongaConfigurationless email
154,741253magic_parserThe magic_parser ruby gem provides an easy way to do most simple parsing of text files....
154,741253pantomathOpentracing utility
154,741253gentili_async_mssql_importerThecorized gentili_async_mssql_importer full description.
154,741253raja_smsGem for integrate with Raja Sms
154,741253snaptimeMulti-threaded job backend with database queuing for ruby.
154,741253stimulantHelper to integrate Stimulus into Rails application
154,741253hello_wordHello word
154,757252minimax_rbMinimax Ruby gem
154,757252datacenter_lookupIP address finder for the IPCat datacenter address list written in Ruby.
154,757252hanami-kaminari-adapterhanami-kaminari-adapter lets your Hanamy Repository models be paginatable
154,757252hot_garbageThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.