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154741-154760 of all 159,773 gems.
154,739550strings-inflectionInflect English nouns and verbs. The algorithms are based on the analysis of 7,000 most...
154,739550meson-junitCommand-line tool and library to convert Meson testlog JSOn files to Jenkins-compat...
154,739550aip_validatorSmall library to check if AIP doc has valid front matter
154,739550rescopedRemove includes or joins from an activerecord scope
154,739550Lane-Reporter≈≈≈ Lane is a real-life reporter for JSS. ≈≈≈
154,739550criuA libcriu wrapper for CRuby
154,739550ddgDDG is a tool for building and manipulating database dependency graphs (DDG).
154,739550errorstudio_capistrano_recipesCap recipes we use to deploy our websites.
154,739550db-cache-storeAlternative rails cache engine, that will use database server
154,739550sluggable-akshatAs part of Launchschool course.
154,739550devos_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
154,739550bzconsoleits a revamp from bzconsole from ruby-bugzilla
154,739550vagrant-lxc-2.1-patchLinux Containers provider for Vagrant. Patched for LXC 2.1+
154,739550hue-rbHue adaptation to Ruby
154,739550heartwood-service_objectDRY up your service object code by inheriting from Heartwood's base object, which provi...
154,739550moist-actionBetter controller actions
154,739550gcen-clientGCEN API: Generic Investment API 0.1.1
154,739550git-analyzerYet another Git Analyzer. It can output to STDOUT or csv format. Run `git-analyzer --he...
154,739550cloudscreener_ruby_sdkOfficial Node.js SDK for Cloudscreener Decision Engine
154,739550qyu-store-redisRedis state store for Qyu