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Most downloads over all time
154681-154700 of all 158,051 gems.
154,677446hola_DavidA simple hello world gem
154,677446logstash-filter-SDSSDS filter
154,677446ruby_galthe very best responsive gallery
154,677446ram_dev_view_toolProvides HTML data for Rails apps.
154,677446podspec-editorEdit podspecs
154,677446pact-cliAmalgamated pact CLI
154,677446jquery-scrolltofixed-railsIntegrates JQuery ScrollToFixed to Rails Sprockets
154,677446raven_loggerSend arbitrary events to Sentry
154,677446rspecmocksYou probably meant `gem install rspec-mocks`.
154,677446railsdomtestingYou probably meant `gem install rails-dom-testing`.
154,677446rackprotectionYou probably meant `gem install rack-protection`.
154,677446mimetypesdataYou probably meant `gem install mime-types-data`.
154,677446java_gemtest java gem
154,694445runestonePostgreSQL Full Text Search for Active Record and Rails
154,694445bdy_hppyUsed to wish a user a happy birthday on their birthday
154,694445emanatorincremental updates of materialized views
154,694445akLightweight library for "hot code" reloading
154,694445crud_resourceCrud Resource for Rails controllers
154,694445neotrellisNeotrellis is a ruby driver for Adafruit's NeoTrellis keypad.
154,694445iconic_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails App