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Most downloads over all time
154681-154700 of all 154,827 gems.
154,681166rb-cmdlineA command line parser written in Ruby
154,681166issa_wrapGem based on the word wrap kata.
154,681166xchange-passgenA password generation gem for Ruby and Rails applications.
154,685165ffi_wide_charConvert from/to C native `wchar_t` string to used for FFI binding libraries.
154,685165eli_palindromeRecap how to create a gem
154,685165carsensorRuby binding to Carsensor API(
154,689164seielit-i18n_goodiesAdds convenience methods to ActiveRecord models.
154,690163inwx-domrobotRuby Client to easily use the Domrobot API of INWX
154,690163eli_doublerTest gem
154,690163easy-settingsflexible yet easy handling of application settings
154,693162active_storage_svg_sanitizerSanitize SVG images after ActiveStorage upload
154,693162animal_infofind animal info
154,693162toml_mega_lottoA ruby gem to generate lottery drawings.
154,693162manateqManateq - a handy library for searching and listing regions, cities and districts in Sa...
154,693162fizzbuzz_pmFizzBuzz gem
154,693162gruppoPostgreSQL Grouping Sets for ActiveRecord