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154761-154780 of all 155,317 gems.
154,757252swagger-doc-railsGenerates json files for rails apps to use with swagger-ui
154,757252ubnt-usg-restoreThe Unifi USG has a USB drive in the unit that can be restored by this utility
154,757252tipcalc'A gem for generating tip values based on a number of inputs.'
154,757252tao_editorEditor component based on prosemirror and tao_form
154,766251cocoapods-use-latest-tag'use-latest-tag' plugin for CocoaPods
154,766251heimdall_logbookA gem to log all incoming request and response
154,766251rabbit-slide-wikimatze-vim-and-flogHow to use flog to browse a git repo. Gave this talk at the Vimberlin March 2019 meetup...
154,766251toyrpcModern modular JSON-RPC client and server in Ruby.
154,766251jack-storeA simple key value store based on relational table
154,766251mi_gemaUna gema simple que dice Hello Wordl!
154,766251mayuRack app to locate employees in an office by Wi-Fi MAC address and WLC association data
154,774250circuit_patch_toolsTools for manipulating Novation Circuit patches
154,774250sidekiq-opentracing-dox-forkOpenTracing instrumentation for Sidekiq.
154,774250kglA gem for personal use.
154,774250practice_gem_generatorPracticing models in a gem
154,774250parallel-sauceRuby gem to parallelize running xcuitest on sauce labs
154,774250soliditysolidity - type-safe (crypto) contracts
154,774250mastercard_productidentifierMasterCard ProductIdentifier Description