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154761-154780 of all 159,773 gems.
154,761549redash_backupcli for back up redash queries
154,761549gxnbTest from gx
154,761549devinfoGem to get dev information from github and StackOverflow
154,761549jekyll-airtable_dataJekyll plugin to pull down your Airtable tables to Datafiles.json
154,761549response_codeCollection of response codes in readable and talkative way.
154,761549cli_chefCLI Chef makes building command line wrappers easy and simple to incorporate with your ...
154,761549test_rehanSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
154,761549soonRetries a block until it does not raise with a timeout
154,761549gemmy_gemWill cause the terminal to say 'Matt' when run
154,761549pixageA visual regression utility with options to do single and bulk operations both manually...
154,761549hdet-ec-keyProvide an easy implementation of the BIP32 specification. Th...
154,761549nj_fishing_reportView the most recent fishing reports in New Jersey. Select a location on the list of po...
154,761549hola_AnansiRafaA simple hello world gem that also includes Japanese, Swahili, German, and Esperanto
154,761549fubukiThis is the project planned to replace MFRC522_Ruby in the future.
154,761549lita-cleverbot-demoHelp your Lita chatbot ask Cleverbot when she runs out of things to say.
154,761549controller_countcount controller execution times.
154,761549zammad-szpmThis gem provides a class to parse, manipulate and store SZPM files and create ZPM stri...
154,761549json-lispThe aim of JSON-Lisp is to allow for an executable code format that is simple and porta...
154,761549toastbrot_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.