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155801-155820 of all 159,838 gems.
155,796513jparseA CLI utility for parsing Japanese text and generating frequency lists.
155,796513laag-fontconfigLibrary as a Gem - fontconfig
155,796513cloud_watch_scheduled_events_cronConvert crontab expression to CloudWatch expression.
155,796513permitted_attributesGem to easily generate permitted attributes for ActiveController::StrongParameters
155,796513md-nokoThis is a simple module that encapsulates a set of desirable manipulations to the (X)HT...
155,796513game_of_life_gtoA Ruby implementation of Conway's Game of Life to play in terminal with example pattern...
155,796513gemggkWrite a longer description or delete this line.
155,796513sevcheckA simple severity checking gem
155, jekyll site generator for maschine customers
155,796513PersonA simple hello world person gem
155,796513maker-coursesI'll do this later.
155,796513linesmenProvides a way to work with complexness of time ranges.
155,796513hello_fjzinkA simple hello world gem
155,796513svl-holaA simple hello world gem
155,796513java_gemtest java gem
155,817512address_titlecaseSmartly capitalize US & Canadian addresses
155,817512hola_reiallenramosA simple hello world gem
155,817512memclientThis library provides easy access to course databases on
155,817512janaki_studio_gamePragmatic Studio Tutorial