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155801-155820 of all 155,931 gems.
155,799154salary_croatiaGem for statistics about Croatia national average net monthly salary.
155,802153nt_kmeansK-means clustering ruby
155,803150tkdblake93_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
155,803150bullet-boardBuild performance status report that outlines the source of N+1 queries.
155,803150active_stateA simple gem for easily using the state design pattern in Rails.
155,803150jekyll-hardlinksJekyll copies static files and duplicates storage use. Hard links point to the same fil...
155,807149sszSimple serialization implementation in Ruby
155,807149trello-bulk-card-creatorA trello bulk card creator.
155,807149ftpmockJust like VCR and WebMock, but for FTP.
155,810148sportdb-syncsportdb-sync - sport.db sync helpers for leagues, seasons, clubs, match schedules and r...
155,810148easy_attrseasy_attrs allows you to build objects easily
155,812147clear_objectHelps you build objects without boilerplate.
155,814145inspec-objectsLibrary that provides an API for programmatically creating InSpec profiles
155,814145XZMRBinA short description of mrbin.
155,816144janie-htmltowordConvert html to word docx document.
155,817143role_callDescribe the roles and permissions of your system with clear, testable, self-documentin...
155,817143list_iteratorDefines a ListIterator Abstract Factory class. Contains one node_element attribute repr...
155,817143jekyll-dryJekyll plugin that helps you to implement the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle whi...
155,820142singletonThe Singleton module implements the Singleton pattern.