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155821-155840 of all 155,931 gems.
155,820142getoptlongGetoptLong for Ruby
155,820142sportdb-langssportdb-langs - sport.db language utilities
155,820142check_in_objectsRails plugin that do check-in/check-out of models of ActiveRecord.
155,824141bitso-rubyWrapper para conectarse al API de Bitso
155,824141activerseRails gem that allows a project to be distributed over multiple companies, without havi...
155,824141net-popRuby client library for POP3.
155,827140insights-api-commonHeader, Encryption, RBAC, Serialization, Pagination and other common behavior for Insig...
155,827140pstoreTransactional File Storage for Ruby Objects
155,827140net-smtpSimple Mail Transfer Protocol client library for Ruby.
155,827140jwtea-rbA gem to facilitate JWT authentication in web apps.
155,831139gr1d99_authA simple gem for jwt tokens
155,831139jekyll-theme-open-courseA data-driven Jekyll theme for accessible, mobile-first course sites.
155,831139delegateProvides three abilities to delegate method calls to an object.
155,834138jekyll-lunrBuilds the LunrJS index and data documents during site generation
155,834138benchinBenchmarking toolset for performance investigations.
155,834138administrate-field-mobility-textMobility text field plugin for Administrate
155,834138administrate-field-mobility-stringMobility string field plugin for Administrate
155,838137juans_worldThis is my gem. Don't use it.
155,838137administrate-field-mobilityMobility string and text field plugin for Administrate
155,840135podcast_agent_parserUser agent parser written in Ruby using regex patterns from the Open Podcast Analytics ...