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155821-155840 of all 159,838 gems.
155,817512facturapymeRuby SDK para integrar API de
155,817512cmd_plotThis is an interface to quickly visualize data on the command line. It supports various...
155,817512pdftable-apiPdftable.client provides two methods: remaining_pages and convert
155,817512graphql-mockProvides a GraphQL mock server that allows testing client request against a provided sc...
155,817512tone.rbWeb audio framework in Ruby
155,817512pubg-rubyRuby wrapper of the PUBG API.
155,817512cbnu_likelionA simple hello world gem
155,817512webpro_view_toolGem creates methods for application which display date and copyright info
155,817512greed_chidoPractically you only need to press enter all the game, and make some nice time when you...
155,817512visual_matcherA gem to make visual test
155,817512erryAll errors have an outcome and an origin. Eleminate the origin!
155,832511bragPerfect for keeping track of wins to reference later.
155,832511rubocop-github-annotations-formatterFormat rubocop output for Github Annotations
155,832511unwhereRemove where conditions from your AR relations
155,832511SchedulerWindowsA simple Scheduler with .bat file on Windows
155,832511marvin-trejo11-mercadopago-sdkMercadoPago Ruby SDK
155,832511envy.benforevaEnvy fails programs dependent on missingenvironment variables
155,832511hocsvHOCSV is a Ruby gem that converts an array of hashes to a CSV file.
155,832511foureyesA GraphQL client for the FourEyes API