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156441-156460 of all 161,136 gems.
156,422553slickr_cmsCMS built on top of Active Admin.
156,442552gitee_packIt's incremental packager for Gitee Premium.
156,442552node_adapter_intA NodeAdapter interface. Donations support continuous improvement and maintenance. The ...
156,442552loopstak-shopify-sinatra-appA Sinatra extension for building Shopify Apps. Akin to the shopify_app gem but for Sinatra
156,442552middleman-html-beautifyBeautify HTML string
156,442552snake_namesA gem holding common an array of common snake names
156,442552on_tap_ibcFind out what is on tap at Ithaca Beer Company
156,442552activerecord_reconnect_after_checkoutreconnect after checkout in order to DB failover
156,442552beerubyAn api for various brewing calculations.
156,442552CochimetlA gem that facilitates the use of Banxico to get the exchange rates
156,442552threadsafeYou probably meant `gem install thread_safe`.
156,442552miniportileYou probably meant `gem install mini_portile`.
156,442552distributableThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
156,442552euclidean_sequencerGenerates sequences of hits spaced as evenly as possible across given pulses using ...
156,442552content_storableSimple content-addressable store behaviour
156,442552gobCreate "generic objects" with lots of magical syntactical sugar!
156,442552fromdashboardtest325Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
156,442552turn-rails["Turn.js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or ...