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156441-156460 of all 157,191 gems.
156,439297yiban壹伴 AI 标题生成助手
156,439297dropkiqDropkiq simplifies the creation of Liquid (from Shopify) expressions. The Dropkiq Ruby ...
156,439297depcopA ruby code dependency checking tool that measures quality metrics for each classes.
156,439297studio_game_trevloreA simple random game, made from The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course
156,439297codefuckeryCounts the occurrences of swearwords in your code.
156,439297mastercard_productidentifierMasterCard ProductIdentifier Description
156,447296arithmosConverts numbers to greek numerals.
156,447296mmrederp-stylesMmredErp style guides and shared style configs.
156,447296rbweathermapRuby wrapper for OpenWeatherMap API
156,447296laixA simple gem
156,451295lxp-packetLibrary to generate and parse LuxPower inverter packets
156,451295json-schema_dslA builder dsl to programatically build json-schemas that are co...
156,451295kjlitekjlist is a lightweight version of the kj gem for accessing the King James Bible. It do...
156,454294clabe_mxRuby gem to validate and get details from a CLABE
156,454294kinchanComposable browser automation with Ruby. Create, compose, and run tasks that automate t...
156,454294fastlane-plugin-mynewplunew plugin
156,454294fr8An automated Ruby on Rails Generator.
156,454294jack_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
156,459293wallaby-herWallaby's HER ORM adapter
156,459293rubyfy-railsAdding just a touch of Ruby goodness to your JavaScript app.