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Most downloads over all time
156461-156480 of all 157,191 gems.
156,459293qubole-redis-railsRedis for Ruby on Rails
156,459293fluent-plugin-gelfConvers fluentd log events into GELF format
156,463292acclaim-apiRuby wrapper for the REST API at Documentation at https:/...
156,463292ABCEvaluateMathA simple math operations gem
156,463292neutrino_apiThe general-purpose API
156,463292lazy-config_forEasy way to handle rails config_for
156,463292pcapredictA Ruby client for PCA Predict's APIs.
156,468291jekyll-theme-louisLouis is a Jekyll theme for Blog
156,468291hatenikkiWrite nikki every day!
156,468291phrase_browserExperimental gem to look up a phrase from a list of words layed out in an HTML accordio...
156,468291blame_brakeman'git blame' added Brakeman JSON warnings. We have all the information at brakeman secur...
156,468291uvcParse Descriptor for UVC (USB Video Class)
156,468291opentelemetry-sdkA stats collection and distributed tracing framework
156,468291opentelemetry-apiA stats collection and distributed tracing framework
156,468291node_errorDefines a NodeError interface. Subclasses DataStructureError.
156,468291hrulesA simple addition to the String class in Ruby to mutate based on Hashcat-style rules
156,477290kang_devcamp_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
156,478289forget_thatEasily setup and run anonymization policies
156,478289coins_paid_apiCoins Paid Integration
156,478289phonenumber_jpHyphenate Japanese phone number