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156461-156480 of all 161,136 gems.
156,442552tamashii-bluetoothThe bluetooth implement for tamashii
156,442552mastercard_travelrecommenderMasterCard TravelRecommender Description
156,442552smartfolio_view_toolProvides generated html data for Rails applications.
156,442552unreal_reaperCollect and package your code into ActiveRecord model, let's easily use
156,442552unsyncedRecursivley Find Git Repositories that Aren't Pushed/Pulled
156,442552mdt-versionedA module that implements versioned releases deployment for MDT
156,442552keyslime-commonKeyslime Support Package
156,469551rhubarbcipherRHUBARBCIPHER is a plausibly deniable multi-key file encryption/decryption system for G...
156,469551tailwindui_railsThis gem allows you to run a simple command to install Tailwindcss and the necessary mo...
156,469551guard-faktory_workerGuard plugin for faktory-worker
156,469551randomsnumbersgenerate random numbers from 1 to 200
156,469551action_mailer_pixelTracks email open rate by including a tracking pixel in the message body.
156,469551face_rekord2018A wrapper of the Aws::Rekognition gem.
156,469551logstash-codec-gzip_jsonThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
156,469551seven-jekyllA flexible Jekyll theme.
156,469551pipe_dreamA dreamy, zero-dependency YouTube API wrapper.
156,469551capistrano-django-systemdcapistrano-django-systemd provides a solid basis for common django deployment
156,469551bokov_libraryMy very very first gem, please don't look at it :)