Total Downloads Ranking

Most downloads over all time
158501-158520 of all 158,606 gems.
158,501127omniauth-kittLe Wagon's alumni platform provides OAuth capabilities for the ecosystem
158,501127remistifyCalculates expiration based on remiss.
158,501127prerequisitesSimplify checking pre-requisites (env. vars. & executables) for ruby scripts
158,504126myimagegemsdemoAutomate image optimization on rails platforms.
158,505125yamlmTool to merge multiple YAML files
158,505125changefuCommand-line utility that help you to keep a good changelog
158,507124rack-shelfProvides a translation for AWS Lambda events to Rack environments.
158,508123slgGet words' definitions from Slengo on the command-line.
158,508123innoq-ui-componentsinnoQ UI components for use in internal applications
158,510122HelloWorldAAA simple hello world gem
158,511121capistrano-docker_clusterUse capistrano to deploy docker based applications.
158,511121tty-optionParser for command line arguments, keywords, options and environment variables.
158,511121somecacheSomecache is a ruby microlib to create custom caches
158,514120sauce_bindingsReduces complexity in user code for running Selenium tests on Sauce Labs
158,515119github_api_gemCreated for easily use github api
158,515119gamefic-standardA collection of components for building games and interactive fiction in Gamefic.
158,515119studio_game100319studio game gem
158,518118nydp-caxlsxprovides ability to generate excel/xls/xlsx spreadsheets from your lisp code
158,518118scintillaScintilla allows running scripts only once, mimicking the behaviour of Rails migrations
158,518118pod_identLibrary to identify podcast client user agents and translate them into human readable i...