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158521-158540 of all 158,606 gems.
158,518118google-cloud-service_directoryService Directory is the single place to register, browse, and resolve application serv...
158,522117updated-mandrill-apiA Ruby API library for the Mandrill email as a service platform. Only updated.
158,522117hello_bundle_gemWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
158,522117golden-objectsLet's compose business logics as ruby components to improve efficiency of maintenance.
158,522117data_error_intDefines a DataError exception class interface. Subclasses TypeError. Donations support ...
158,522117capybara-choicesCapybara helpers for select box
158,527116weatherrOpen Weather API Client
158,527116xpringA Ruby SDK for the XRP ledger
158,527116vseriesVseries is a small Ruby lib to work with semantic version
158,527116logstash-output-mongodb_upsert_customThis plugin is to write the logstash input to given mongo db.
158,527116google-cloud-bigquery-storage-v1The BigQuery Storage API provides fast access to BigQuery managed storage.
158,527116atom_shortcutsA quick CLI reference to Atom shortcuts for Mac, Windows and Linux, with search function
158,533115lex-transformerRuns transformer statements against tasks in a relationship
158,533115lex-sleepiqUsed to connect Legion to Sleep Number SleepIQ API
158,533115lex-nodeThis lex is responsible for sending heartbeats, and allowing for dynamic confgs
158,533115lex-lex: Write a longer description or delete this line.
158,533115lex-influxdbUsed to connect Legion to influxdb
158,533115google-cloud-bigquery-storageThe BigQuery Storage API provides fast access to BigQuery managed storage.
158,533115romodoroStart it. Wait. Beep.
158,533115brazilian_helpersbrazilian_helpers has many contants and functions useful for using in brazilian applica...