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162401-162420 of all 162,449 gems.
162,40092streaming_wikiWatches a markdown git wiki for changes, automatically commits and pushes.
162,40092terraspace_plugin_oraclepaasTerraspace Provider
162,40092terraspace_plugin_opcTerraspace Provider
162,40092terraspace_plugin_ociTerraspace Provider
162,40092terraspace_plugin_alicloudTerraspace Provider
162,40092terraform-bundlerThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
162,40891google-cloud-security-private_ca-v1beta1Certificate Authority Service is a highly available, scalable Google Cloud service that...
162,40891fluentd-testFluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....
162,41090omniauth-zendesk_sellZendesk Sell strategy for OmniAuth
162,41090jedi-mind-trickA simple padawan gem
162,41090faraday_oauth2_ccg_middlewareAuthorizes the request with the OAUTH2 Client Credentials \Grant and injects the receiv...
162,41389delegated_typeThe second type of model inheritance supported from rails 6.1, delegated type, where ea...
162,41389everything-but-the-kitchen-sinkProvides recipes based on ingredients you have.
162,41389fluent-plugin-group-exceptionsFluentd output plugin which detects exception stack traces in a stream of JSON log m...
162,41687apartment_jobActiveJob wrapper to enable Apartment multi-tenancy for background jobs
162,41687olafRuby wrapper for Snowflake queries.
162,41687mtsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
162,41687snowpackerRails integration of Snowpack
162,42086checkmarksThis gem allows you to track the seen/unseen status between ActiveRecord objects and us...