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162421-162440 of all 162,449 gems.
162,42086feverishAn API-only RSS server for the Fever API
162,42282dibukDibuk allow you to download purchased ebooks.
162,42381htslibHTSlib bindings for Ruby
162,42480puppet_metadataA package that provides abstractions for the Puppet Metadata
162,42579bubbling-aleBubbling Ale is a Jekyll theme, designed specifically for Github Pages
162,42678active-dynamoAn ActiveRecord like ODM for AWS DynamoDB
162,42777new_rfc_2047An implementation of RFC 2047
162,42777eac_restA REST helper for Ruby.
162,42974octojsonSet a schema, defaults, and validations for your json attributes
162,43073common_functionsSome common functions for Bootstrap tables and buttons.
162,43073terraforceThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
162,43073spaceforceThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
162,43369ratonvirus-restyRatonviurs scanner based on a ClamAv Rest service. Expect a Restservice based on https:...
162,43467instance_storeRuby instance containerization library, providing tools \ for preinitialization and man...
162,43561bcdiceBCDice is a rolling dice engine for TRPG
162,43656spree_id_verificationAdd (optional) extension description here
162,43656spree_delivery_distanceAdd (optional) extension description here
162,43853kubes_azureKubes Azure Helpers Library
162,43853kubes_awsKubes AWS Helpers Library
162,44051landing_boiRails engine for micro-SaaS landing pages.