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165881-165900 of all 166,288 gems.
165,880209jz2021_helloworldHello World to command line.
165,880209openweather_mapA small gem that make current and 5 days forecast requests to Open Weather Map API.
165,880209model_transporterNotifies listeners about model changes
165,880209hola_foofoorockA simple hello world gem
165,880209grandioriteA simple hello world gem
165,880209devcamp_view_tool_kProvides general support to HTML data in rails apps
165,880209peatio-bitcoincash-jrubyBitcoincash Peatio gem which implements Peatio::Blockchain::Abstract & Peatio::Wallet::...
165,880209cuitarValida y formatea CUIT argentinas.
165,880209rubocop-brickdocGem containing the rubocop.yml config that corresponds to the implementation of the Bri...
165,880209villanelleVillanelle: coming soon.
165,891208nasa_apiPlease visit the github repository at for usage ...
165,891208convert_json_to_csvConvert a stream of json objects to csv
165,891208interface_semanticsA gem for making interfaces
165,891208bonjour-fredericA simple hello world gem
165,891208project_supportProject support
165,891208fastlane-plugin-pgyer_v2pgyer for v2 suppor
165,891208date_queriesProvides scopes for date related database queries, such as records between dates with y...
165,891208lab3lab 3 assignment for software Specification & Design Lab
165,891208dnd5e_clientRuby client for DnD 5e API.
165,891208mini_assertSuper fast gem for testing stuff