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165901-165920 of all 166,288 gems.
165,901207hobby-json-keysA Hobby extension to parse JSON requests.
165,901207rbs_protobufGenerate RBS files from .proto files
165,901207hola_ingDetect some data of DELTA stock from
165,901207paper_tagNew tag system!
165,905206gtk4Ruby/GTK4 is a Ruby binding of GTK+-4.x.
165,905206karafka-proFramework used to simplify Apache Kafka based Ruby applications development
165,905206hammySome Ruby utils and fun.
165,905206ltruong_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
165,905206json_to_csvThis Ruby lib aims at converting JSON files composed of arrays of objects (all followin...
165,905206json_schema_transformerGenerate JSON schema from JSON.
165,905206peatio-bitgo-jrubyBitgo Peatio gem which implements Peatio::Blockchain::Abstract & Peatio::Wallet::Abstract.
165,905206nickd0-themeNick's custom theme
165,905206oughtaAutomatically generate shoulda-rspec tests
165,914205anotherTopSeventyA simple but hopefully effective educational gem
165,914205omniauth-redditReddit strategy for OmniAuth
165,914205jakka_rubySummary of description
165,914205qnaQNA - cross library HTTP request / response API
165,914205rustelfA rustelf component
165,914205muncraftA simple hello world gem
165,914205mothssi_dummyA dummy gem