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166561-166580 of all 167,227 gems.
166,558319holathibA simple hello world gem
166,558319srttoolSrttool is a cli command to manipulate subrip text (srt)
166,558319kcisneros_palindromeFollowing tutorial ruby palindrome detector.
166,558319meridianEasier time zones for Ruby and Rails.
166,558319sportdb-writerssportdb-writers - sport.db writers for match schedules and results, and more
166,558319spatial_relationshipsThis a Ruby Gem for calculating the space between celestial objects. As long as you don...
166,567318pioneer_ruby_sdkSDK wrapper for using Pioneer feature flag application
166,567318google-apis-sqladmin_v1This is the simple REST client for Cloud SQL Admin API V1. Simple REST clients are Ruby...
166,567318vagrant-cos-guestSupport cOS guest images based of opensuse
166,567318billyrbSummary of Billy.
166,567318chime-galileoThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,567318kriangleScaffold module (including REST API with documentation) with help of Grape and Swagger.
166,567318flipper-redis-failsafe-adapterThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,567318garantGarant prevents the collisions when generating a large number of hashes.
166,567318match_arraysA ruby gem that matches two arrays and executes a callback based on the match result.
166,567318rupldbRuby client for interacting with your REPLs Database.
166,567318key_mirror-rubykey_mirror ruby is a simple ruby helper which returns hash with values equal to stringi...
166,567318customMy DIY theme.
166,567318saltpackA Ruby implementation of Saltpack, a modern crypto messaging format based on Dan Bernst...