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166641-166660 of all 166,743 gems.
166,640145nmax_chГем выбирает из текста N самых больших чисел и печатает их на экран
166,640145rbsievAn evaluator of Scheme language written in Ruby, which is implemented in SICP Chater 4.
166,643143jekyll-asset-urlDynaic asset urls for Jekyll
166,643143nutriscoreNutri-score computation for food products.
166,645142much-rails-pub-subA Pub/Sub API/framework for MuchRails using ActiveJob
166,646141cryptomarket-sdkCryptomarket sdk for rest connection and websocket connection for the ruby language
166,646141YTStreamingAPIRuby gem to use the YouTube Streaming API simple
166,648140kybus-coreKybus::Core will be used across all the kybus gems. Provides the most basic functio...
166,648140viterDescription of Viter.
166,648140mongoid7-rspec-callbacksThis gem is meant to be use with mongoid-rpsec, altought it works by itself. Synt...
166,651139movie_recommenderThis a CLI app that recommends recent movies
166,651139hola_sajadA simple hello world gem
166,653138questsCompany Management App
166,653138awsharkCustom CLI for for AWS to simplify common tasks with EC2, S3 and Cloud Formation
166,653138insights-graphql-preloadPreload ActiveRecord associations with graphql-batch
166,656137booking_makerBooking Management App
166,656137kt-paperclip-mozjpegJPEG and PNG compression processor for paperclip using MozJPEG.
166,656137e2e_tests_connectorPermits to connect frontend apps with backend apps to run e2e tests like cypress
166,656137facsimileSeamless type casting for Protobuf