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166621-166640 of all 166,743 gems.
166,621153flylineWe provide a modern and simple product suite to access rich content, real-time pricing,...
166,621153elliptic-liteelliptic-lite - elliptic curve cryptography from scratch / zero - start with finite fie...
166,621153samlhbuck_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
166,621153spaceforceThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
166,625152itly-sdkTrack and validate analytics with a unified, extensible interface that works with all y...
166,625152darkA simple hello world gem
166,625152imc_xitarpsCalculo do IMC
166,625152github_botA rubygem designed to assist in the creation of GitHub bot applications.
166,625152nbpplProvides simple API client to fetch exchange rate to PLN for selected currency and date...
166,625152livecalParses ical/ics files into a live calendar
166,625152fantasy_identifiableThis gem allows you to create unique readable fantasy names as identifiers for your act...
166,632151qunaQuna is a library for making it simple to query interactively answers from users.
166,633149env_valueEasily get a boolean, string, or integer value from an ENV variable.
166,634147livelyA simple client-server SPA framework.
166,634147google-apis-privateca_v1This is the simple REST client for Certificate Authority API V1. Simple REST clients ar...
166,634147google-apis-ideahub_v1alphaThis is the simple REST client for Idea Hub API V1alpha. Simple REST clients are Ruby c...
166,637146jekJek is a minimalist jekyll theme putting the power of color schemes in the user’s hands
166,637146belongs_to_one_ofA small library that helps with models which can have multiple parent model types
166,637146meilisearch-railsMeiliSearch integration for Ruby on Rails. See
166,640145qbittorrentQBittorrent WEB API Client.only support qBittorrent v4.1+.