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169121-169140 of all 169,185 gems.
169,121153turbosms_rubySend SMS and Viber message via TurboSMS ( using ruby
169,121153ruby_event_store-flipperFlipper integration for RubyEventStore
169,121153md_confluenceProvides file IO functions
169,121153flatiron-s3-uploaderA tool for resizing and uploading images to AWS S3
169,121153metaclientFIX LATER
169,121153chalk-interfaceProvides file IO functions
169,127152stupider_formatterA stupid formatter for piping text through markup processors with a unified API
169,127152translate_clientHandle translations in your Rails app with the translate web app.
169,127152ruby-pomodoroCLI pomodoro-tracker
169,127152slow_ridecheck features
169,131151macklemoreProvides file IO functions
169,131151chalk-sentryProvides file IO functions
169,133150mars_base_10A keyboard maximalist, curses-based, urbit terminal ui. It uses the (also in developmen...
169,133150ff-ruby-server-sdkHarness is a feature management platform that helps teams to build better software and ...
169,135149caml# 🐪 caml > Build CLI apps with YAML `caml` allows you to build command line applicati...
169,135149stripe-backupProvides file IO functions
169,135149space-commanderProvides file IO functions
169,138148verificatorProvides file IO functions
169,138148eventmachine-mkromanEventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communicat...
169,140147rails-event-sourcingSetup event sourcing in a Rails application easily