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169141-169160 of all 169,185 gems.
169,140147hockeystickProvides file IO functions
169,142146request_store-fibersLets you use RequestStore with a fiber-based server by passing RequestStore’s thread-lo...
169,142146ffmpeg-lemon-infoRuby binding for FFmpeg library
169,144141mergentSee for details.
169,145140jass-rollupRollup for Sprockets and the Rails asset pipeline
169,146139flexitimeRuby date/time string parser for common formats and different date orders
169,147136lkdownloadlibWrite a longer description or delete this line.
169,148133ez-sessionsEasy database persisted sessions for Rails
169,149132satorix-commonThis gem contains code shared between two or more separate Satorix applications.
169,149132celPure Ruby implementation of Google Common Expression Language, https://opensource.googl...
169,151131koine-diKoine DI, for your dependency injection. Dependency injection container
169,151131lnd-toolLND Tool - Ruby tools for LND
169,153130fastlane-plugin-datadogDatadog actions for iOS development
169,154129lsuuidUniversally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
169,154129warrantRuby library for the Warrant API at
169,154129jagramjagram is made for japanese programming eduction purpose
169,157126izolentacybersquatting the izolenta name for later creation of short term uniqueness/isolation ...
169,158125sdl_validatorA small library to check if SIPs have valid front matter
169,158125lita-doubler-test-sellykartikaDoubles numbers - simple demo skill
169,160122imglabOfficial Ruby library to integrate with imglab services.