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176641-176660 of all 176,810 gems.
176,640150ruby_pdfConvert your HTMLs to PDF files
176,640150sequel-generate-slugSequel plugin for generating and maintaining slugs in a database using the base name an...
176,640150rom-neighborneighbor gem for rom-rb
176,646149subtain_pack_testthis is summary
176,646149active_job_cloud_tasksActiveJob Adapter for Google Cloud Tasks
176,646149yamlstarA cross-language, common API YAML reference framework
176,646149flotteManage containers with easy
176,646149turbo_debugA set of debugging helpers that make it easy to debug Turbo requests, responses, and fr...
176,646149parity_prop_alexA gem to split an array of intergers by parity
176,646149lingyProgram in YAML
176,646149palindrome_primerA gem which provides palindrome prime numbers inside an array
176,654148neeto-complianceCheck if the project follows guidelines setup for Neeto Products
176,654148birdsongA gem to interface with Twitter's API V2
176,654148fxapiThe perfect tool to handle your exchange rate conversions. Our API helps you with curre...
176,654148vocab-to-ankiFetch translations and definitions and generate an Anki CSV file
176,654148lambda_cableServerless WebSockets for Rails
176,654148bluejayA fast GraphQL engine.
176,660147go_puff-tax_serviceTax service integration that was made initially for Avalara