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176661-176680 of all 176,810 gems.
176,660147coffeebrew_jekyll_mermaidA Jekyll plugin to render Mermaid diagrams and flowcharts with options to configure themes
176,660147sudachi-installerdownload and store Sudachi jar and dict files
176,660147keycloak_3scale_usersA CLI gem for migrating the end users accounts of 3scale to keycloak realm.
176,660147hola_onezeroA simple hello world gem
176,660147ruby-stylesGem containing the rubocop.yml config that corresponds to the implementation of the sty...
176,660147nicker_pockerProvides commands to create table definitions
176,660147logstash-filter-ipinfo-dbLogstash Filter Plugin for IPinfoDb
176,669146watesanGem for Rate Limiter using Redis
176,669146pronto-flawfinderPronto runner for flawfinder.
176,669146deezDeez gems do work
176,669146fluent-plugin-aliyun-sls_ruby3Aliyun SLS output plugin for Fluentd event collector
176,669146chef-secretsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
176,669146hola_augusto_carissimoGem example
176,669146ke2dairaA Ruby implementation of ke2daira
176,669146logstash-filter-ua_parser这是一个使用user_agent_parser解析useragent的logstash filter插件
176,669146happy_bday_abhishek_bhawaretest Gem
176,669146jekyll-minimaA beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
176,679145sstlistpplabsstudent list app with mvc and other patterns
176,679145indonesia_timezoneThe Indonesia Timezone gem allows users to easily obtain the time in the Western, Easte...