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132161-132180 of all 132,452 gems.

131,6441active_model_serializers-namespacesEnhances ActiveModel::Serializers gem by adding support for serializers namespacing. T...
131,6441monzo2qifSuper-hacky and quickly thrown together Monzo to QIF exporter
131,6441jasper-reports-railsjasper reports for rails
131,6441bitsmithBitSmith digital publishing platform
131,6441seomoz-riak-clientriak-client is a rich client for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It supports t...
131,6441jashmenn-restful-authenticationGenerates common user authentication code for Rails/Merb, with a full test/unit and rsp...
131,6441capistrano-systemd-multiserviceCapistrano Plugin to control services by systemd
131,6441dirt-envelopeProvides symbol access and namespacing for environment variables.
131,6441shalmaneser-prepPREP - Fred and Rosy PREProcessor.
131,6441isa-friendly_id_datamapperAn adapter for using DataMapper::Resource with FriendlyId.
131,6441diffbootDiffboot Official Ruby SDK Client
131,6441poofAn alternative to DatabaseCleaner for automatically ensuring that objects created durin...
131,6441ivanCreates imagery on analog vector monitors
131,6441mapleroadThis gem is a proof of concept that mapper and reducer of map...
131,6441dlssRuby utilities for
131,6441osloOpenStack API Wrapper that rocks!!
131,6441combineHarvest the web while separating the grain from the chaff.
131,6441grapyCRUD for Rails Grape
131,6441directorio_agencias_prScrapes Puerto Rico's Agency Directory
131,6441osi-modelOSI Model implementation intended to be used by communication protocols