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132161-132180 of all 136,171 gems.

94,0070spree_html_emailProvides html email templates for all Spree's outgoing emails
94,0070spree_honeybadgerImproved honeybadger error reporting for spree
94,0070tap-ubiquityMaking Tap available in Ubiquity
94,0070taka_tic_tac_toetic tac toe engine
94,0070pinsearchWeb interface for searching your own Pinterest account
94,0070spree-homepagerSpree extension that creates a homepage and enables a shop owner to place products on t...
94,0070spree_home_page_featuresAllows you to edit articles in the spree admin, which will be displayed on your homepage
94,0070svg_pathifyturn svg shape tags into tag.
94,0070spree_herokuThe major constraint on Heroku is that we can't write files to disk, so this extension ...
94,0070spree_heist_themeHeist Spree Commerce Theme
94,0070takaroA ruby game framework.
94,0070svg_paradiseThis project is called svg_paradise. If you have specific suggestions to make this...
94,0070spree_gtpayEnable spree store to allow payment via GTPay, a GTBank Payment Gateway for Nigeria
94,0070spree_gtmsome gem description here
94,0070svg_pan_zoomVisit for how to use.
94,0070spree_grid_feedAdds both /products.xml and /t/taxon.xml product feeds
94,0070spree_grid_faqSpree Grid FAQ adds a Frequently Asked Question section to your spree store. It allows...
94,0070textbubbleTurns strings into cute little text bubbles.
94,0070tap-testTest modules for Tap
94,0070plancastWrapper for the Plancast API