Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
132161-132180 of all 137,949 gems.
88,8150storybergIdentify accounts and users then, track user events with Storyberg.
88,8150smulube-notifoA library for using Notifo. Notifo is a way for users to receive mobile notifications f...
88,8150skype_archiveskype archive client
88,8150sinatra-basicauthSimple basic auth helper for Sinatra
88,8150rbrsyncA thin Ruby wrapper around rsync
88,8150woolWool is an advanced static analysis tool for Ruby.
88,8150universe-devtoolsgem install universe-devtools
88,8150tluong_test_gemA gem to explain how to make gems
88,8150ruby-libnidsruby-libnids is a Ruby binding for libnids library written in C programming language. ...
88,8150num_seqFor representing Numerical Sequences, especially Discret-Time signals
88,8150ETLExtract, Transform, and Load (ETL) ruby wrapper
88,8150toddlerA pure Ruby implementation of a two year old
88,8150tail_from_sentinelReads a file, but only return content once a marker (sentinel) has been found.
88,8150syslogger-alexSame as SyslogLogger, but without the ridiculous number of dependencies and with the po...
88,8150rubber-jcarnegieThe rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails ...
88,8150reminder_aaronj1335create OS X reminders with Quicksilver.app integration
88,8150raptorNothing to see yet.
88,8150maxmertkit-railsCss framework based on widget-modifier coding style
88,8150universe-railsgem install universe-rails