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132161-132180 of all 139,684 gems.
51,9860katello_apiHelps you to use Katello's API calls from your app
51,9860imaginaryClient gem for Imaginary.
51,9860haktoHakto Safe SDBM Wrapper ======================= ## Introduction Hakto Safe SDBM Wrapp...
51,9860fat_free_wunderlistUsing Action Mailer, gem sends all tasks from Fat Free CRM to your Wunderlist account.
51,9860smartgen_erbUse Erb plugin when generating files with smartgen
51,9860segmentsA Rails 3 Engine for managing and rendering text segments into your Rails web applicati...
51,9860rubyctaculousA simplistic ruby client for Pictaculous. Send an image to Pictaculous and it will retu...
51,9860ruby-avm-libraryThis library makes working with Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM) tags within XMP ...
51,9860bobthebotBob is a cli bot which talks to you.
51,9860special_agentParse and process User Agents like a secret one
51,9860serialized-attributesSerialize model attributes to a single database column instead
51,9860scripsia flexible text-searching library built on top of redis
51,9860scratch_pad-filters-paragraph_stripperFilter gem for ScratchPad
51,9860s3lurps3lurp - Browser uploads direct to Amazon S3
51,9860rrunitCreates and writes runit service files
51,9860rbtags# RbTags # RbTags is a replacement for ctags (and rtags) for Ruby.
51,9860rblkidlibblkid ruby bindings
51,9860range_extRange_ext improves Ruby core Range#min, Range#max methods
51,9860navigation_link_tonavigation_link_to view helper
51,9860motion-frankmotion-frank provides easy integration of frank-cucumber in RubyMotion projects