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132161-132180 of all 134,480 gems.

131,0400ringbellA tool that can attach notifications to the ActiveRecord models for certain users. Mult...
131,0400xtendrXtendr provides access to extended file system attributes. Ruby 1.9 compatible.
131,0400yaml_packYamlPack is a small framework for writing large and complex configuration files in yml....
131,0400rack_dav_spWebDAV handler for Rack.
131,0400yfinRetrieves data from Yahoo! Finance
131,0400zestia_employee_authMake it even easier to build internal apps
131,0400xtdoMinimal and fast command line todo manager
131,0400wei_blogVotevoting gem written by Ruby on rails project
131,0400opentox-taskToxbank task service
131,0400qy_wechat_api企业微信高级API Ruby版本
131,0400xml-focusExtract subtrees from XML trees, making sure that the overall structure is preserved.
131,0400zeke-monkey_patchesA handly collection of helper methods, primarily for String and Array
131,0400existRuby client for the Exist life-tracking/correlation platform API (
131,0400xpayThis gem provides an abstraction layer to Xpay4. SecureTrading Xpay4 is a Java Applet t...
131,0400xml_mapperDeclarative XML to Ruby mapping
131,0400active_espFramework and tools for managing email service providers.
131,0400qwertyThe core functionality on which to build a fully featured Content Management System usi...
131,0400xmlrpcsChanges sockets for the XMLRPC Library
131,0400zmalltalker-stompRuby client for the Stomp messaging protocol
131,0400exifjs-railsThe Exif.js JavaScript library ready to play with Rails.