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132181-132200 of all 134,480 gems.

131,0400xpath-simplifyThis gem helps streamline the creation of X-Paths!
131,0400xmpfixedExtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) parser
131,0400ztatusAutomatically shows git status on file changes
131,0400blaschkaLibrary to query the facebook Ads API used at Effilab.
131,0400pad_authPadAuth is a simple authentication gem for Rails and part of the Padstone app builder
131,0400xml_contacts_extractorExtracts contact information from XML. Dictionary based information extractor from any ...
131,0400zintRuby FFI wrapper on Zint barcode library. See README for more details
131,0400devise-active_nodeAdapter to enable usage of devise with ActiveNode
131,0400xpath-specsA gem providing recursive and named wrappers around xpaths, in order to improve error m...
131,0400zcredFlexible modern credential format built on advanced cryptography
131,0400plunderImplements an efficient, scalable SMB share content scanning regime and reporting engin...
131,0400xing-frameworkThe Xing Framework is a hypermedia-enabled Rails + AngularJS web and mobile development...
131,0400zzzzzzUsed to test various rubygems handlers such as does it use push date, gemspec date, etc.
131,0400zing-downloadA simple hello world gem
131,0400dox-apiProvides API for interfacing w/ Doximity API
131,0400xpcomcore-rubygemGem to allow for using XPCOMCore via RubyGems
131,0400zetaben-ruby-feedbooksruby-feedbooks is a dead simple ruby interface to
131,0400ZDeviceZDevice is a Ruby DSL for assembling arbitrary ZeroMQ routing devices, with support for...
131,0400ztilThe utils of zires...include Backup database to qi_niu