Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
132181-132200 of all 139,684 gems.
51,9860mail_testerA simple gem to test mail server config
51,9860linguoLanguage detection library for Ruby
51,9860content-editing-movie-playeran EDL scene-skipper/bleeper that works with DVD's and files and online players like ne...
51,9860sina command line tool for sinatra
51,9860sidroIt use the formtastic, web-app-theme, jquery, meta_search, meta_where and kaminari
51,9860runspellRunspell is a wrapper to hunspell lib (not RubyInline version). All code is taken from ...
51,9860rspec-mocks-call-throughAdds call-through support for rspec stubs
51,9860rpg_diceRuby code to roll varying amounts of polyhedral.
51,9860rangesRanges is a gem which supplies a time/date range class and other functionality based ar...
51,9860protractorLess.js CSS Framework That Picks Up Where Bootstrap Left Off.
51,9860paperclip-gridfsPaperclip extension to make it support GridFS
51,9860panoptimonThe All-Seeing System Monitor Daemon
51,9860numerologyFormat numbers using human readable examples.
51,9860mikanBackend application for managing Rails application.
51,9860locomotionGeolocation library for RubyMotion
51,9860keep_runninga script to restart other scripts whenever they crash, stop, get killed. It sends email...
51,9860elastic-textareamakes textarea's grow and shrink to fit contents
51,9860db_notes_engine2DBNotes page is a place to accumulate documentation about the database
51,9860sonar_push_connectorPlugin to push email JSON data to an instance of SONAR. Works in tandem with the sonar-...
51,9860robot_on_tableRobot On Table