Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
132181-132200 of all 144,266 gems.
30,2660modestyModesty is simple and scalable split testing and event tracking framework. It was inspi...
30,2660miloops-attachment_fuThis is a fork of Rick Olson’s attachment_fu adding Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.2 support as w...
30,2660libv8-sgonyeaDistributes the V8 JavaScript engine in binary and source forms in order to support fas...
30,2660ghaki-appCollection of application singleton libraries.
30,2660fl-thriftRuby libraries for Thrift, with fixes.
30,2660dclext-gtkRubyDCLExt-Gtk is an extension for RubyDCL to support extra operation related with Gtk.
30,2660cedRuby interface for CED's email verification service.
30,2660universegem install universe
30,2660twitter_atmA simple command line tool for navigating Twitter's Pin-based OAuth path and outputting...
30,2660tunetune is a command line interface of Radio Tray via dbus
30,2660TinyScienceScience should be for ruby too.
30,2660open-temporaryA variation of tempfile standard lib, that actually creates a File instance.
30,2660n8-heroku-autoscaleAutoscale your Heroku dynos
30,2660klarnaA Ruby wrapper for Klarna/Kreditor XML-RPC API.
30,2660intermodalDSL for top-level, nested, linked CRUD resource endpoints; DSL for Presenters and Accep...
30,2660hapyrusHapyrus Library and CLI for Ruby
30,2660gitloopeasily merge and rebase flat git history
30,2660gexpGexp - comand hadlers
30,2660fucking-great-adviceThat gem is to make easy access to great advices from fucking-great-advice.ru