Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
132181-132200 of all 142,655 gems.
39,5790rexproRexPro, a binary protocol for Rexster
39,5790rack-rekonProxies rekon as a rack app so you can include it in your rack-based riak application.
39,5790poundie-urban-dictionaryA Poundie plugin for posting urban dictionary definitions to campfire
39,5790password_managerA very simple password manager for more secure passwords
39,5790order_bookBasic structures used to create DOM models
39,5790nexus_artifactSimple Ruby gem to download/publish arbitrary binary file from/to Nexus server
39,5790mvgraphmvGraph is an implementation of the graph data structure in Ruby. \ It was created to s...
39,5790minilang_refiminilang is used in a couple of my projects and I can't recommend anyone to use it as o...
39,5790mini_gaugelonger description of your gem
39,5790m4assetsSprockets support for the M4 preprocessor
39,5790impartialImpartials are encapsulated reusable view components that obviate controllers.
39,5790hyperfeedAn adapter to plug feeds content on hypermedia engines
39,5790holapizzaA simple hello world gem
39,5790francisA command line tool for quickly setting up Sinatra apps
39,5790detroit-mastMast plugin for Detroit build system. Generate and update MANIFEST file for your project.
39,5790boardgameA simple Ruby object library for board and tile based games.
39,5790becomeObject#become will swap two Ruby objects, similar to Smalltalk's become.
39,5790solarMethods to compute solar position, rise & set times, radiation, etc.
39,5790SlimTestZenTest provides 4 different tools: zentest, unit_diff, autotest, and multiruby. ZenTe...
39,5790single_table_globalize3Globalize3 successor which use only one table to store all the translations.