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94,0070svg_paletteParse an SVG to discover which colors it contains.
94,0070spree_granifyIntegration your e-commerce app with Granify (Automatic Revenue Optimization Platform f...
94,0070spree_gopay_integrationSpree extension for integration with GoPay payment gateway.
94,0070svgo_wrapperThis gem wraps the SVG image optimization tool by Kir Belevich (svgo). It supports enab...
94,0070spree_google_merchantAdd (optional) gem description here
94,0070spree_google_checkoutGoogle Checkout extension for Spree
94,0070takami3new version Takami gem.
94,0070ourkudosOurKudos client api gem
94,0070spree_google_baseProvide rake task to generate XML for Google Base and so on.
94,0070parallel_ancestryCreate and track parallel inheritance hierarchies. Hook parallel hierarchies (by includ...
94,0070svgloadersA gem to install SVG-Loaders in rails app
94,0070spree_froomerce_fconnectCreate your store to Facebook and create product widgets for your Fan Page
94,0070pbatcherProcess Batcher (or `pbatcher`) is a ruby gem used to build quick CLI apps to process b...
94,0070tap-tasksA set of standard Tap tasks
94,0070takami2demo description
94,0070svgleSvgle (SVG + Domle) generates an SVG Document Object Model from the given SVG. Suitable...
94,0070spree_fosdick_integrationIntegration Spree Commerce with Fosdick API (full service fulfillment services)
94,0070spree_foremOnce installed, the gem will add forem related fields to the Spree::User admin form so ...
94,0070svg-inline-file-extractorExtract inline SVG base64 encoded images, and other inline files.
94,0070spree_flexi_rate_shippingProvides flexible shipping rate configuration