Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139481-139500 of all 139,648 gems.
95,1490diffidentdiffident: To show modest reserve, a gem to create and manipulate text diffs. This gem ...
95,1490citrus-coreCitrus continous integration core components.
95,1490capistrano-progressAdds a new command run_with_progress which shows a table of all the servers which r...
95,1490chicago-flowDataflow-style processing for hash-like rows
95,1490jiroCMS that intercept Rails ActionView Templates and allow changing them directly from Red...
95,1490hackerooA Ruby interface to the Hackeroo API.
95,1490gitit"ruby git command line wrapper"
95,1490dynamoid-paperclipDynamoid::Paperclip enables you to use Paperclip with the Dynamoid for DynamoDB.
95,1490dummy_modelA gem that makes your pure old ruby classes behave like models
95,1490discussionA gem to manage a thread discussion with ajax support.
95,1490develop_with_pleasure_mineGreetings from JetBrains
95,1490git-keysGit-keys gathers a user's public key from Github
95,1490crawler_sampleThis gem is a web crawler sample code.So I don't reccmmend that you use.
95,1490backend-toolkitbackend-toolkit =============== A set of classes that simplify building a scalable bac...
95,1490jloomIt's a loom
95,1490hola-testA simple hello world gem
95,1490hola-kykA simple hello world gem
95,1490indicadores_clChilean financial indicators and currency conversion
95,1490gsv_downloaderCrawl and save Google Street view network (metadata + images) of a given geographical a...