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139481-139500 of all 144,847 gems.
35,6170leap_webLeap is the Leap Encryption Access Project. This is a framework for the web administrat...
35,6170focusinspectorAllows you to view active focus points in taken images and to fine tune your lenses
35,6170ensure_domainRack middleware that will redirect all request that are not from the specified domain
35,6170celluloid-presenceNode presence using ZooKeeper for celluloid services
35,6170bradley_fizzbuzzTo fizzbuzz arrays and ranges
35,6170tire-am_serializersThe easy way to add active model serializers to your tire results
35,6170switchrbAdds a switch statement to Ruby
35,6170stupid_passwordTell users their passwords are stupid and guessable.
35,6170simple_sentimentAn NLP sentiment detection library
35,6170sierra_alpinists_studio_gameSimple game done as exercises in Pragmatic Programers online course on Ruby.
35,6170ruscountrylistCreate russian country list table
35,6170rails_environmentEliminate silent errors in Rails environment detection due to typos.
35,6170puppet_generatorIf you need to build more than one puppet manifests it is quite boring to redo the s...
35,6170ocarinaA Ruby project that uses machine learning to perform Optical Character Recognition
35,6170knife-ipmiInteract with ruby-ipmitool using knife
35,6170hookahComing soon
35,6170game# Game A Ruby-powered MVC game framework. ## Install ```sh $ gem install game ``` #...
35,6170fugutaA configuration framework for Ruby programs
35,6170berlusconiThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
35,6170angularjs-rails-gemInjects Angular.js into your asset pipeline as well as other Angular modules.