Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
139481-139500 of all 142,655 gems.
39,5790data_structuresData Structures that I decided to implement.
39,5790benchmark_meThis gem will provide a benchmark on a piece of code logic
39,5790app_sleuthGenerates color, font, image information about your project
39,5790vagrant-systemdVagrant plugin to detect and support Systemd based systems
39,5790rl_hiya_nelson_pascoalExercise by Satish Talim - Ruby Web Programming course, day 3 example
39,5790rl_hiya_moh_binThe library says Hiya to all
39,5790redmine_refreshAdds an automatic refresh option to Redmine's issues list
39,5790rcompressruby zlib command line utility
39,5790raise_jsRaise JavaScript errors as Ruby exceptions in your Rails app. Usefull when you have a g...
39,5790rack-nullsessionA Rack Middleware that fakes a session
39,5790proxytestA test framework for testing proxy logic
39,5790lafeber_ckeditorCKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor to be used inside web pages
39,5790hexagonaljs-railshexagonaljs Rails generator
39,5790google-scholarGoogle Scholar interface. Currently only works for Author searches.
39,5790google-safe-browsing-pluginA Ruby implementation of the Google Safe Browsing v2. Rails is the dependency mainly be...
39,5790fury-bugSee gemfury.com
39,5790functionPython-like functions.
39,5790fluent-plugin-mongo-typedTyped mongo output plugin
39,5790f1sherman-will_paginateThe will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagina...
39,5790ekaranto-rubywmqRubyWMQ is a high performance native Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ.