Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
143281-143300 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550studio_game_vipart of ruby training
45,5550sf_migrateSalesForce to SugarCRM migration tool
45,5550salesforkliftSalesforce Bulk API ruby wrapper.
45,5550ping-middlewareMiddleware that responds to simple keep alive pings
45,5550parse_mePlain text file parser
45,5550oscilloModify and respond to signals, inspired by functional reactive programming
45,5550leeroyLeeroy lets you quickly check the status of your jenkins builds from the commandline.
45,5550hello_barAnnouncement plugin to include 'hello bar' for Ruby on Rails. Based on paul_revere.
45,5550EnvJasmineEnvJasmine allows you to run headless JavaScript tests.
45,5550combodate-railsCombodate is a javascript library for entering dates/times. It depends on momentjs-rai...
45,5550bootstrap_file_input_railsA gem for the bootstrap plugin : bootstrap-file-input
45,5550ueditor-railsSeamlessly integrates Ueditor into the Rails asset pipeline introduced in Rails 3.1.
45,5550tag_apidaeThis friendly Apidae gives you tags in your Rails app.
45,5550sshwitchManage different sets of keys in your home folder
45,5550spree_sort_productsSpree Sort Products extends the ability of a taxon on its products to be sorted from th...
45,5550split-mongoidA Mongoid Persistence Layer for Split
45,5550snoozeFor devops who run recurring jobs like rake tasks or bas scripts, Snooze.io is a noti...
45,5550rspec-englishModifies RSpec's description generator to produce more natural-sounding English.
45,5550recomiendoA Ruby wrapper for the Recomiendo API.