Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
143281-143300 of all 145,532 gems.
30,5720pig-media-serverPig Media Server
30,5720opappA curated set of technologies and a workflow for developing, maintaining, and operating...
30,5720mach_learnA simple hello world gem
30,5720lechat-rcSimple gem for posting to lechat.im using net/https and json
30,5720html-pipeline-citeAn HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style Cite references.
30,5720gwt-runstart gwt-shell with rack or rails backend
30,5720gimmeaBecause which is boring.
30,5720formtastic-globalize3(obsolete) patch for formtastic to make its magical column type determination work with...
30,5720exvo-metricsMetrics wrapper for Exvo apps.
30,5720enum-rbRuby Enum storage.
30,5720enderExecute commands against a multitude of remote servers via a local SSH prompt
30,5720capistrano-jabberMake capistrano write to a jabber conference
30,5720bahramloremgenerating lorem ipsum
30,5720vizjerai-avalaraThis library provides Ruby calls to interact with the Avalara Tax API
30,5720RubyIOCRubyIOC is a ruby library used for indicators of compromise
30,5720parsecA one-to-one translation of Haskell’s Parsec library to Ruby.
30,5720ohmygemsI'm tired of the complications that tools like bundler and rvm inject into my system an...
30,5720octocliClientSide Github tools
30,5720multi-stepMulti-Step is a Rails engine for easily creating multi step forms (i.e. form wizard)