Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
143301-143320 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550putio-cliA lightweight and simple Ruby interface to the Put.io cloud service API available at ht...
45,5550pdgAccessible Ruby API to PDG particle data tables.
45,5550dpassDerive application specific passwords from secret master password using PBKDF2 in OpenSSL
45,5550balancirA client side HTTP load balancer.
45,5550yandex-webmasterRuby wrapper for Yandex.Webmaster API
45,5550useless-museumThe Museum of Whatever
45,5550trinidad_sqlite_dbpool_extensionAddon to support Sqlite database pools in Trinidad
45,5550tpb_wrapWrapper around pirate bay
45,5550tb-helpersTwitter-Bootstrap-Helpers -- Rails 3 View-Helpers for Twitter-Bootstrap
45,5550sinatra-argA very basic extension to Sinatra to return route arguments.
45,5550queue_classic_adminAn admin interface for QueueClassic
45,5550okcomputer-newrelic-ignoreIf you use Ok Computer for uptime checks and pings, use this to avoid it affecting New ...
45,5550jst-parserA PDF parser for the Joint Service Transcript (JST), a standardized s...
45,5550hackletAn Open Source client for the Modlet (smart) outlet
45,5550foreman-export-customForeman custom template exporter
45,5550ferocia-rubywmqRubyWMQ is a high performance native Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ.
45,5550deformDeform - Rails 4 form decorator
45,5550dassets-lessv1Dassets engine for compiling LESS CSS v1
45,5550comfypressComfyPress is a powerful Multisite CMS Engine for Ruby on Rails 3 applications that can...
45,5550ciqlA CQL-based Cassandra client for Ruby