Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
143301-143320 of all 145,532 gems.
30,5720mongify-mongoidGenerates Mongoid Models from the Mongify translation file
30,5720m_and_mCommand line gem for M & M
30,5720hordeReal-time infrastructure data aggregation
30,5720dataminingAn abstraction layer to help deal with datamining in applications.
30,5720connpassA Ruby wrapper for the connpass API
30,5720cat-dogcontra-positive to unix's 'cat'
30,5720casticStatic parser for Homebrew Cask formulae
30,5720atomjs-railsAtom javascript library prepared for using with Rails 3.1+
30,5720wheelhouse-mediaMedia Library component for Wheelhouse CMS.
30,5720wheelhouse-editorEditor component for Wheelhouse CMS.
30,5720tlconnor-image_scienceImageScience is a clean and happy Ruby library that generates thumbnails -- and kicks t...
30,5720super_resourcesSuperResources DRYs up your controller code.
30,5720overriaktionClient gem for the Overriak service.
30,5720mypgDump and restore PostgreSQL's structure and data.
30,5720juno-reportA simple, but efficient, report genarator yaml based
30,5720dynattribsThe Dynattribs Gem (Dyanmic Attributes) provide a database backed attributes to ActiveR...
30,5720drivelAn alternative DSL utilizing the excellent XMPP library, Blather, for creating interact...
30,5720contenderCollection of utilities for managing concurrency
30,5720chargeAn abstraction layer to help deal with charges in applications.
30,5720apricotA compiler for a Clojure-like programming language on the Rubinius VM