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143301-143320 of all 149,386 gems.
119,3821qserverThis class starts a server quickly and easily in either the current directory or the sp...
119,3821outsourceOut source your jobs to other servers
119,3821open_eventsAn open-source repository of events listings web scrapers and tools
119,3821configdirThis gem read the configuration from files a directory and returns a hash. Each file is...
119,3821sc-campfireEnabling screenconcept campfire deployment notifications
119,3821rubyful_soup_2011Finally updated this to work 1.9.2 so we can use it with our flybymiles app
119,3821preciousPRECIOUS! SHINY!
119,3821poweronLibrary to send a wake-on-lan packet in order to poweron a sleeing computer.
119,3821nov-oauth2A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...
119,3821MINT-debuggerThe Multimodal Interaction Framwork debugger enables model inspection at system runtime.
119,3821curses-padcurses-pad adds newpad() support as Curses::Pad to the ruby curses extension. Curses::P...
119,3821validates_lengths_from_database_advancedIntrospects your database string field maximum lengths and automatically defines length...
119,3821sunspot_rails_mongoidSunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails a...
119,3821rack-rekonProxies rekon as a rack app so you can include it in your rack-based riak application.
119,3821poundie-urban-dictionaryA Poundie plugin for posting urban dictionary definitions to campfire
119,3821password_managerA very simple password manager for more secure passwords
119,3821order_bookBasic structures used to create DOM models
119,3821nikita-browserNikita App is a developer tool that runs on Rubinius.
119,3821mvgraphmvGraph is an implementation of the graph data structure in Ruby. \ It was created to s...
119,3821detroit-mastMast plugin for Detroit build system. Generate and update MANIFEST file for your project.