Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
146901-146920 of all 147,185 gems.
41,6570motion-accessibilityAA RubyMotion wrapper around the UIAccessibility procotols
41,6570knife-bootstrapsyncBootstrap directory sync
41,6570kakalibcaca is a graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels.
41,6570flossi am waiting to upload this
41,6570find_by_shortcutShortcuts for Active Record queries in the ruby console.
41,6570factory_girl-remote_apiSimply creates an HTTP API for your FactoryGirl factories to be used by client tests.
41,6570colorartRenders a nice HTML page from the cover art of a song
41,6570vagrant-smartosSmartOS Hypervisor provider for Vagrant
41,6570tachikomaInterval pull requester with bundler/carton/david/cocoapods/composer/none update.
41,6570memotoMemoto-sdk for ruby
41,6570killbill-notification-testKillbill Plugin to test notification plugin api
41,6570jekyll-mscgenmscgen integration for jekyll to make message sequence charts
41,6570halfdayCollection of Capistrano recipes - Deploy. Then, take a halfday.
41,6570enviConfigure required environment variables in your Rails apps
41,6570dropbox-utilityA Ruby client for Dropbox.
41,6570before_and_afterIt adds the methods (before?, after?, within_last?, within_coming?) to Time
41,6570zionGitHub style deployments
41,6570xployAppway client.
41,6570tb_mediaTwice Baked Media allows you to upload files to your site and manage them in the spud a...
41,6570sartreHell is other people's deployment systems.