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146901-146920 of all 152,647 gems.
121,9571commenter_mongoidHandles adding comments to models in a very simple way.
121,9571uploadable_fileUseful for file attachment (paperclip, attachment_fu, etc) outside your standard web fr...
121,9571roombaLibrary to control a Roomba
121,9571redis_geoSome extra geocoding and caching smarts atop geokit
121,9571progenitorProgenitor is a lightweight gem for building factories, especially useful for testing, ...
121,9571migration-fooforeign keys support for MySQL
121,9571MACAddrMACAddr is a class for the manipulation of IEEE MAC addresses. It is patterned after ...
121,9571bryanl-skypeUnofficial Skype Api wrapper
121,9571bankholidaysLibrary to parse UK bank holidays from https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays/
121,9571tuberThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
121,9571roflscaleMake everything roflscale.
121,9571omniboard_jqtouchProvides a jQTouch companion application for the Omniboard app
121,9571epubThis gem is still in work
121,9571daeltar-clockworkA scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a sin...
121,9571chronikDates' class parser
121,9571unicode_scannerAn implementation of StringScanner that doesn't split multibyte characters.
121,9571riakRuby adapter for Riak. It gives you access to both jiak & raw interfaces.
121,9571proxieProxie is a HTTP proxy server with sqlite-powered storage and web interface for debugging.
121,9571doesprettyurlsUses ActiveRecord to_param to force your individual models to have attractive and more ...
121,9571cinch_jokerMakes your IRC cinch bot a whole lot funnier.