Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
146901-146920 of all 148,587 gems.
113,9571cloud_runnerCurrently only supports DigitalOcean.
113,9571ember-konacha-railsGenerate Konacha spec infrastructure for your Ember-Rails apps
113,9571darkyDarky is a smart a flexible shell wrapper that aims for simplicity and packed with all ...
113,9571switch** NON-FUNCTIONING! PLACE HOLDER ONLY ** Install, manage, and switch between Ruby versi...
113,9571gui_rulesGtk2 access library for rules program language
113,9571fake_rails3_routesWrite Rails 3 style routes in Rails 2 apps
113,9571devise_yauth_tokenEagleplatform authorization center client module
113,9571dcm2nii-rubydcm2nii wrapper
113,9571colomboA simple ruby client for Digital Ocean API
113,9571HelloWorldAlephCamposA simple gem that says hello to the world!
113,9571guard-yamlChecks your YAML syntax. That's all.
113,9571fog-parser-fixThe Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...
113,9571eideticpdfPDF Library
113,9571doctProvides an ability to pre-populate an office document through a simple templating mech...
113,9571dia_rulesDiagram library for rules program language
113,9571holalahoA simple hello world gem
113,9571hash-keyableTiny template for Hash keys.
113,9571gaminatorA simple wrapper around Curses for writing ASCII-art games
113,9571friendlyfashion-useragentHTTP User Agent parser
113,9571flycat_logicDescription of FlycatLogic.