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148341-148360 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860ri_state_holidaysCalculate Rhode Island state holidays
32,6860pivotal-bootstrapImports stories in a YAML file into Pivotal Tracker
32,6860permiansService-API for personnel services
32,6860nike_rbNikeRb is a ruby wrapper for the Nike Developers API. Originally created for use with ...
32,6860needy_debuggerneedy_debugger is a less needy (or more if needs be), fast implementation of the stan...
32,6860id3_tagsRead and write ID3 metadata from/to MP3 files
32,6860geoip-dbCombining the geoip gem and the database from MaxMind, this gem offers IP Geolocation i...
32,6860formerConverts HTML to form fields for editing values in the HTML
32,6860favicoGrabs the favicon of any website you want
32,6860eventmachine-with-ipv6EventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communicat...
32,6860ethelEthel is an ORM-agnostic library of ETL (extract-transform-load) utilities
32,6860driftDrift is a static blogging engine for Rails.
32,6860dexcAutomatically start the REPL and show trace on an exception to debug.
32,6860cepAPI for getting address of a given CEP or ADDRESS
32,6860capistrano-daemonizeAdds a daemonize method to the Capistrano DSL to generate start, stop and restart tasks...
32,6860campystranoAdds before and after deploy hooks that announce a deploy's start and success in a Camp...
32,6860buffalo-runOh boy!, It's Buffalo!
32,6860bodylonger description of your gem
32,6860bdd_serverA collection of useful tools for creating and testing a server
32,6860stylesheets_for_allEnable stylesheets for all media (screen,print, etc.) by default.