Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149161-149180 of all 149,278 gems.
72,8800kenichi_nakamuraThis is my kenichi.
72,8800heroku_db_clonePerforms a backup of a heroku database, downloads it, and installs it locally, using th...
72,8800forge-rad20The Forge CMS dependency gem for Ruby 2.0.
72,8800vines-mongodbStores Vines user data in MongoDB.
72,8800spree_scaffoldAdd (optional) gem description here
72,8800posty_cliPosty Command Line Tool
72,8800omniauth-emmaOmniauth strategy for Emma
72,8800lab419_streamsImplemention of streams in the classic sense where a stream is a head and a promise to ...
72,8800jruby-unboundid_ldap-jars["Bundled version of UnboundID LDAP SDK"]
72,8800gaqGaq is a lightweight gem for support of pushing static and dynamic data to the _gaq fro...
72,8800fosburyFosbury (http://www.fosbury.co) API client for Ruby. Fosbury is a platform to create an...
72,8800sudo_modeSudo mode for your devilish deeds.
72,8800scapeshiftMagic: The Gathering Oracle web scraper.
72,8800same_sameImplementation of ROCK and DBSCAN clustering algorithms
72,8800roomorama_apiRuby wrapper to call Roomorama API V1.0 at https://roomorama.com/api. For a step by ste...
72,8800railsgategem to interface with railsgate
72,8800giftwrapRubygem for creating thin wrappers around RESTful JSON APIs
72,8800capi_bookRecipe book for capistrano