Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
149161-149180 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860cisco-config-parseParses a cisco config file on disk (probably from a tool such as Rancid) and returns si...
32,6860simple_servicesRuby client to Simple Services API!
32,6860sf_commonscommons extracted out...
32,6860render_staticrender_static allows you to make your single-page apps (Backbone, Angular, etc) built o...
32,6860rasper_clientRuby client to RasperServer.
32,6860neospeechRuby wrapper for NeoSpeech Text to Speech API
32,6860musketmusket is a gem which can be used to generate front-end templates. It is capable for cr...
32,6860modularity-coffee-railsMakes the modularity-coffee framework available to Ruby on Rails applications.
32,6860leviathan-railsSocket pusher for ActiveSupport::Notifications
32,6860lazy_enumeratorA pure-Ruby implementation of Ruby 2.0's Enumerator::Lazy
32,6860groupsAn abstraction layer to help deal with groups in applications.
32,6860grocer-error_callbackProvide error callbacks to Grocer pushes
32,6860goodreads_17upSimple wrapper for the Goodreads API
32,6860gemcalNEVER try to download it
32,6860fancy_date_timeView helper to make your Dates and Times fancy
32,6860easy-mysqlA simple way to set up a secure MySQL connection.
32,6860config-roleConfigure your objects
32,6860cmbuildCreates buildable objects based on recipes
32,6860cloudapp-serviceCloudApp API Client
32,6860childprocess-serverManage and interact with CLI processes, remotely via dRuby.