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61-80 of all 1,000 gems.

RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
61+645314959declarativeDSL for nested generic schemas with inheritance and refining.
62+6329381,570codeclimate-engine-rbJSON issue formatter for the Code Climate engine
63+6129331,545ar_transaction_changesSolves the problem of trying to get all the changes to an object during a transaction i...
64+6059571,562platform-apiRuby HTTP client for the Heroku API.
65+6038121,415inline_svgGet an SVG into your view and then style it with CSS.
66+5725171,089faraday-http-cacheMiddleware to handle HTTP caching
67+5676961,263xcpretty-travis-formatterFormatter for xcpretty customized to provide pretty output on TravisCI
68+5658001,365faraday_middleware-aws-signers-v4Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4.
69+5639231,486debasedebase is a fast implementation of the standard Ruby debugger debug.rb for Ruby 2.0. ...
70+5579061,463clipboardAccess to the clipboard on Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Cygwin: Clipboard.copy, Clipboard...
71+5549741,528retriesRetries is a gem for retrying blocks with randomized exponential backoff.
72+5409271,467debase-ruby_core_sourceProvide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.
73+5237651,288pathutilLike Pathname but a little less insane.
74+5195811,100grpcSend RPCs from Ruby using GRPC
75+5177421,259diplomatDiplomat is a simple wrapper for Consul
76+5168511,367fluent-plugin-elasticsearchElasticSearch output plugin for Fluent event collector
77+511185696mustermannlibrary implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions
77+5117701,281forwardable-extendedForwardable with hash, and instance variable extensions.
79+5047851,289pusher-signatureSimple key/secret based authentication for apis
80+4996151,114mustermann-grapeAdds Grape style patterns to Mustermman