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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
81+5606601,220simple-graphiteSimple methods for sending data to graphite over TCP or UDP
82+555409964atomosA simple gem to atomically write files
83+554201755aws-sdk-mediaconvertOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Elemental MediaConvert (MediaConvert). This gem is part o...
84+546238784aws-sdk-resourcegroupsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Resource Groups (Resource Groups). This gem is part of th...
85+5326981,230dry-validationA simple validation library
86+5304911,021tty-cursorThe purpose of this library is to help move the terminal cursor around and manipulate t...
87+529231760aws-sdk-alexaforbusinessOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Alexa For Business. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
88+5288521,380http_routerThis library allows you to recognize and build URLs in a Rack application.
88+528340868aws-sdk-autoscalingplansOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Auto Scaling Plans. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for R...
88+528335863aws-sdk-transcribeserviceOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Transcribe Service. This gem is part of the AWS SDK fo...
91+5247371,261dentakuDentaku is a parser and evaluator for mathematical formulas
92+5239571,480fog-joyentModule for the 'fog' gem to support Joyent.
93+5209581,478fog-internet-archiveModule for the 'fog' gem to support Internet Archive.
94+5166831,199sasscUse libsass with Ruby!
95+5039761,479sendgrid-rubyOfficial SendGrid Gem to Interact with SendGrids API in native Ruby
95+5039911,494whois-parserWhois Parser is a WHOIS parser written in pure Ruby. It can parse and convert responses...
97+5026321,134strptimea fast strptime/strftime engine which uses VM.
98+500434934mixlib-installA library for interacting with Chef Software Inc's software distribution systems.
99+4945561,050tty-spinnerA terminal spinner for tasks that have non-deterministic time frame.
100+491379870factory_bot_railsfactory_bot_rails provides integration between factory_bot and rails 3 or newer (cu...