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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
101+4136731,086codecovhosted code coverage
102+4129471,359gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
103+4116721,083cucumber-tag_expressionsCucumber tag expressions for ruby
103+4116951,106cucumber-expressionsCucumber Expressions - a simpler alternative to Regular Expressions
105+4106821,092urlA simple url object to allow for OO based manipulation and usage of a url
106+405459864google-cloud-envgoogle-cloud-env provides information on the Google Cloud Platform hosting environment....
107+399539938googleapis-common-protos-typesCommon protocol buffer types used by Google APIs
108+3989131,311rbtracerbtrace shows you method calls happening inside another ruby process in real time.
109+396425821google-cloud-coregoogle-cloud-core is the internal shared library for google-cloud-ruby.
110+3937401,133googleapis-common-protosCommon gRPC and protocol buffer classes used in Google APIs
111+3918951,286sendgrid-rubyOfficial SendGrid Gem to Interact with SendGrids API in native Ruby
112+3887471,135no_proxy_fixA fix for a no_proxy bug: https://github.com/ruby/ruby/commit/556e3da4216c926e71dea9ce4...
113+387508895dry-coreA toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem.
114+381498879psychPsych is a YAML parser and emitter. Psych leverages libyaml[https://pyyaml.org/wiki/Lib...
115+379407786aws-sdk-signerOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Signer (signer). This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
116+3749831,357train-coreA minimal Train with a backends for ssh and winrm.
117+371178549celluloid-poolAn implementation of an actor pool, based on the Celluloid concurrent object framework.
118+3709151,285bootstrap_formbootstrap_form is a rails form builder that makes it super easy to create beautiful-loo...
118+370181551celluloid-extrasClasses to support examples, benchmarks, or add special functionality.
118+3706691,039dry-validationA simple validation library