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147601-147620 of all 150,999 gems.
147,582364THISisPM_pow-dSD_EERWE-ereSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
147,582364thhhshdhasdhasdhSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
147,582364render_as_jsSimple Rails helper to render a ruby hash to a ES5/JavaScript object
147,582364origen_perforceOrigen revision control driver for Perforce
147,582364thrift-faraday_transportThrift HTTP transport over Faraday
147,582364marketo_apiMarketo REST API ruby gem
147,582364debitoorA wrapper for the Debitoor API.
147,609363cognito_token_verifierVerify and parse AWS Cognito JWTs to authenticate endpoints
147,609363soap_enumeratorA gem for SOAP/WSDL enumeration inspired by SoapUI. It converts all SOAP's document to ...
147,609363flexconExtract properties of a scope and pass it to a lambda function.
147,609363dpay-rubyClient for accessing the dPay blockchain.
147,609363icat4jsonIPA's "icat for JSON" ruby package
147,609363xcocoapodsCocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode project. You specify the depende...
147,609363aerisRuby Gem built for Aeris.
147,609363bliss_view_toolProvides generic HTML data for Rails applications.
147,609363solidus_import_productssolidus_import_products ... imports products. From a CSV file via Solidus's Admin inter...
147,609363dynamic_nested_formsGem helps to make the simple dynamic control of multiple nested forms in Ruby on Rails ...
147,609363medical-gemMedical Ranking
147,609363dropdownSelectionThis fills dropdown of zipcode