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147601-147620 of all 147,743 gems.
147,599157ruby-upwork-oauth2Ruby bindings for Upwork API (OAuth2) makes your life easier due to working with your U...
147,599157infurarbSimple wrapper around Infura's JSON-RPC API
147,599157discordrb-blackst0neA Ruby implementation of the Discord ( API.
147,599157cocoapods-templatesCocoapods plugin to install Xcode templates from a remote source
147,599157inheritance-helperRedefines class methods
147,599157anystreamRuby streaming client for any backend
147,599157rack-portraitRack application wrapper around portrait image gem
147,599157portrait-railsRails helpers and generators for portrait image gem
147,599157portraitConverts a website into an image or pde
147,611156tng-gtk-utils5GTANGO Gatekeeper has been developed and started to accumulate some technical debt, na...
147,611156image_hashgenerate a perceptual hash of any image using ImageMagick and a very simple algorithm
147,611156activestorage-dummyDummy placeholders as an Active Storage service.
147,611156hipaa-mongoid-enumHeavily inspired by DDH's ActiveRecord::Enum, this little library is there to help you ...
147,611156gameyeA gem to interface with the Gameye API
147,616155hotels_of_haiti"A CLI ruby gem to display a list of hotels in haiti and details about them "
147,616155bitesEdit text blocks quickly
147,616155azure_cognitiveservices_visualsearchMicrosoft Azure Cognitive Services Visual Search Client Library for Ruby
147,616155hystrix_metricsEasily capture & expose Hystrix metrics in JRuby
147,616155cryptosolThis is a very basic implementation of a crypto currency using Ruby