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Most downloads over all time
149221-149240 of all 153,727 gems.
149,212427photographic_memorySimple image processing and storage
149,212427kubotOur rubykube slack bot facilitate our work
149,212427shake-the-counterRuby implementation of the ShakeTheCounter API
149,212427structure_conflict_resolverAutomate tedious db/structure.sql conflict resolution
149,212427pamyuRedirect stdout and stderr to files.
149,212427virtual_gemcreate virtual gem and for checking dependency
149,212427lone_wolfBackground worker process API
149,212427netspaceCalculate with IPs and networks
149,212427entertainmentOperationsA gem designed to perform different operations of a few forms of entertainment by a var...
149,212427verapdfValidate PDF files for PDF/A conformity.
149,212427unsyncedRecursivley Find Git Repositories that Aren't Pushed/Pulled
149,212427packagistThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
149,212427SimpleNeuralNetworkA very simple neural network implementation in Ruby.
149,212427task_cliTask management cli
149,212427snake_the_gameA bit updated remake of famous Nokia3310-like Snake
149,212427persistingUtilities to persisting data in handy ways.
149,237426kuyKuy is a Ruby gem to simplify git feature branch workflow if you want to pull and merge...
149,237426graphql_pickerPickup Graphql query and mutaito
149,237426pronto-ansible_lintPronto runner for ansible-lint.
149,237426factory_bot-preloadPreload factories (Factory Bot) just like fixtures. It will be easy and, probably, faster!