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149221-149240 of all 151,050 gems.
149,211279hatemileHaTeMiLe (HTML Accessible) is a open source library developed to improve accessibility ...
149,211279OGTrafAllows querying Östgötatrafiken's APIs
149,211279heftyashishA simple hello world gem - It's a test gem. Avoid Downloading it
149,224278jinyu-debug-toolsa simple toolkit to debug ruby code, no any guarentee
149,224278clemencyRelease management
149,224278mqhz_palindromeMy Personal palindrome detector.
149,224278KA-CHINGTakes a string a makes turns that string into caSh money!
149,224278decred_ruby_explorerRuby wrapper for the popular Decred blockchain query API service. Enables queries by bl...
149,224278html2pdf-railsPDF generator (from HTML) gem for Ruby on Rails
149,224278fpl_gsheetData comes from
149,224278fluent-plugin-split-stringfluentd filter plugin to split messages containing multiple log lines
149,224278jekyll-theme-uswdsJekyll theme providing the U.S. Web Design System sass and assets for building on top of.
149,224278butter_cms_v2Ruby wrapper for the ButterCMS API
149,224278git-dev-kitSimple tools for working with Git repositories
149,224278logstash-output-rollbar-6This gem is a logstash plugin. Install using: $LS_HOME/bin/plugin install gemname. This...
149,224278douyin_imageA gem to generate douyin style image.Have fun!😊
149,224278studio_game_2018_08_28This studio_game gem is my exercise solution from the Pragmatic Studio Ruby Programming...
149,224278acesMy playground for building service objects that feel right in Ruby
149,224278randomtestA simple hello world gem