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149221-149240 of all 149,300 gems.
149,1890mrubyc-testmrubyc-test is an unit test framework for mruby/c, supporting basic assertions, stub an...
149,1890metanorma-nistMetanorma NIST gem.
149,1890logstash-input-packetloop_s3A fork of Logstash S3 input that contains a temporary fix with processing Cloudwatch lo...
149,1890lita-makefile-executorEnable Lita to invoke arbitrary makefile commands from chat
149,1890lita-hue-lightswitchControl Hue lights with a Lita chatbot
149,1890jsonapi.rbJSON:API serialization, error handling, filtering and pagination.
149,1890jekyll-org-to-htmlJekyll org-mode converter
149,1890jekyll-githubJekyll plugin for Github
149,1890graphsrbThis gem allows to create simple directed and undirected graphs. Basic operations allow...
149,1890gistalLoad multiple gist sources by config
149,1890fyllaFylla generates zsh and bash autocomplete scripts for Thor CLI applications.
149,1890foodie_davidBasically my first trial with Gemfile and how to use it.
149,1890fluent-plugin-pearson-aws-elasticsearch-servicethis is a Output plugin. Post to "Amazon Elasticsearch Service".
149,1890florenceflorence is provide a Web Authentication library in Ruby on Rails
149,1890fastlane-plugin-discordDiscord integration with Fastlane
149,1890experimental-influxdb-railsThis gem automatically instruments your Ruby on Rails 4.2/5.x applications using Influx...
149,1890epayments-apiePayments API wrapper
149,1890dependabot-depAutomated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...
149,1890coutinho_assemblyRun Coutinho's assembly pipeline.
149,1890convoxConvox API Client