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Most downloads over all time
149921-149940 of all 150,100 gems.
149,919145legion-extensionsUsed by a LEX to integrate with Legion
149,919145ready_boot_dashReadyBootDash is NEEAD Nice Easy Elegant Admin Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 Framework
149,923144internet_security_eventBuild events describing the status of various internet services
149,923144kvkuhr_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby to be Dangerous, following the guide
149,926143jekyll-to-s3Deploys a Jekyll build to S3.
149,926143jekyll-theme-balzacI am not the creator of this design. I just wanted it to be easier to use.
149,926143config_skeletonDynamically generate configs and reload servers
149,929142huginn_time_filter_agentHuginn agent that filters events based on their time information
149,929142legionioLegion Core runs Legion Framwork
149,931141logstash-output-coralogixThis gem is a Logstash output plugin to deliver the logs to Coralogix service.
149,931141hiera-eyaml-sshagentSSH_AUTH_SOCK encryptor for use with hiera-eyaml
149,931141benjaminLearn to live and work like Benjamin Franklin.
149,931141todoableSmall gem to interact with Teachable's Todoable API
149,931141mongoid-day_timeSave time in minutes from midnight and show as 24-format string `HH:MM`
149,931141house_testTest system for demonstrating CRUD in API and UI testing.
149,937140rubybearClient for accessing the BEARS blockchain.
149,937140omniauth-infinum_idWrite a longer description or delete this line.
149,937140httpcap-rbparse pcap, then return http request and response
149,937140samplarAPI Client tester on the view.