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149921-149940 of all 154,217 gems.
149,918436itamae-plugin-recipe-postgresqlitamae recipe for postgresql installation
149,918436bokehbokeh wrapper for Ruby
149,918436wkhtmltopdf-windowsThis gem provides a wkhtmltopdf executable and configures wisepdf, wicked_pdf, and pdfk...
149,918436def_initializeDefine an initializer along with attribute accessors in one line
149,918436raspi-gpioA simple and light interface to interact with GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi.
149,918436cfnvfnv1 and fnv1a hash algo in C-Extentions.
149,918436mutual_recursionTail call optimization for mutually and directly recursive functions.
149,918436must_be_ordered`must_be_ordered` gem is to warn or raise error if `order` is not set to ActiveRecord's...
149,918436concurrentrubyYou probably meant `gem install concurrent-ruby`.
149,918436ashwood_view_toolGenerates dynamic HTML data for Rails applications.
149,918436ignorable_columnsInspired by ignorable gem with support for sql queries ignore columns and bypass ignore...
149,918436searchkick_evichatIntelligent search made easy
149,918436HttpPingruby ping gem for only http pings and also returns duration
149,918436kadmaA ruby implementation of a variant of the Kademlia Distributed Hash Table (DHT) used in...
149,918436rubychainA very simple ruby implementation of a blockchain, based on python version: https://dev...
149,918436mastercard_travelrecommenderMasterCard TravelRecommender Description
149,918436jla_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
149,918436hobby-sso-emailing_serverA hobby-sso server providing authentication links to emails.
149,918436prgenA CLI utility to accompany pull request submission