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149921-149940 of all 151,873 gems.
149,906264messagemedia_conversations_sdkThe Conversations API allows users to communicate by sending and receiving messages via...
149,906264podcast_feed_genGenerates a basic podcast RSS feed from a directory of files
149,906264code2pdf_rdeterreConvert your source code to PDF
149,906264unpwnKeeps passwords from being easily hackable.
149,906264simple_assertSimple utility that can replace rspec for really small apps
149,926263cyberarm_engineYet another game making framework around gosu
149,926263fastlane-plugin-property_file_writewrites property files
149,926263legion-exceptionsAll of the different Legion Exceptions
149,926263tinycaptchaThis is a gem wrapper for tiny captcha in C with no dependencies.
149,926263lita-scorekeeperLita port of
149,926263bytesizeByteSize is a simple Ruby object that stores a size in bytes, while providing human-rea...
149,926263byteobjectByteObject is a module designed to make working with exact-length byte values in Ruby p...
149,926263housekeeperLets you delete or archive files and dirs
149,926263async-fluent-azure-eventhubs-pluginFluentd output plugin for Azure Event Hubs
149,926263evo_view_toolgem olu┼čturma denemesi.
149,926263json_assertionsProvides test assert methods useful for validate JSON documents. It also provides helpe...
149,926263zwea_botAn excel parsing tool.
149,926263rubygems-appenderAppends new gems to generated index without old gems exists.
149,926263status_page_rubyStatus page tool parses, stores and report statuses of web services.
149,926263erbbERB with Blocks