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149901-149920 of all 154,217 gems.
149,899437twing_proxyProxy for Twing
149,899437varkonutility methods for matching patterns.
149,899437wx_opendataThis is a gem for weapp open data API.小程序开放数据API
149,899437multi_session_cache_storeMulti Session Cache Store
149,899437lightning_networkConnect to the Lightning Network with Ruby.
149,899437makeup_maker["Search makeup manufacturers stock and corp info"]
149,899437ldsfskldfsdklfjsldkfjsdklfjSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
149,899437dropdownSelectionThis fills dropdown of zipcode
149,899437imasgenRandom name generator using character's name from Idolmaster series.
149,899437verb-rbVerb gives you a simple & consistent way to send messages from web and mobile appli...
149,899437tamashii-bluetoothThe bluetooth implement for tamashii
149,899437VantivCnpLitle Online Ruby SDK created for version 8.18 of Litle XML format, see the XSD schema ...
149,899437mgoUse by mangomap to accsess data.
149,899437marcxellaA little library for reading MARC-XML, for when you just need to deal with it quickly.
149,899437hashierHash everything
149,899437thisisoneofthethingSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
149,899437incontactA Ruby gem to access the InContact API
149,918436tenterTenter is a Sinatra-based application that provides webhooks for use by GitHub.
149,918436wisproWispro Cloud API Client
149,918436rafterRails plugin for integration with ridgepole.