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149901-149920 of all 151,873 gems.
149,892265roda_api_generatorA collection of useful Ruby generator scripts for scaffolding APIs.
149,892265hasanunl_third_gemThird try at a succesfull gem.
149,892265subdomain_nameManage subdomain names
149,892265washington_hikesWashington hikes lets a user browse and see details on the most popular hikes across Wa...
149,892265tads6_luiviaGEM para ORM para aulas de Tópicos Especiais em TI - IFMS Naviraí
149,906264migrate-ssdb2pika迁移 SSDB 数据到 Redis 或 Pika 工具集,提供迁移过程中的双写工具类和迁移历史数据工具
149,906264norobotsA rack middleware that blocks all bots when BLOCK_ROBOTS environment variable is set to...
149,906264split_rails_logsSplit Rails logs across RSpec examples
149,906264yaml-cvSimple tool, with which you can fully populate your CV in user-friendly YAML and then h...
149,906264fluent-plugin-uuid2podnamea fluent plugin by geovisor
149,906264yeetAdds a global method `yeet` that raises an exception
149,906264argon2-simpleSimplifies the process of hashing a password with Argon2 and checking if a submitted pa...
149,906264kkclark_view_toolA gem to help handle view things like copyright
149,906264embulk-input-gmailLoads records from Gmail.
149,906264enkripEnkrip will encrypt & decrypt Active Record attributes seamlessly with Message Encrypto...
149,906264xero-apiRuby JSON-only client for Xero API.
149,906264cyclical_cube_sumVisit for a more-detailed description
149,906264money-testCurrency converter gem test
149,906264riparianBasically just a handful of models to make handling workflows and asynchronous server-s...
149,906264vagrant-state-change-listenerVagrant plugin for listening vm state changes and executing actions on changes