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Most downloads over all time
149901-149920 of all 150,100 gems.
149,899148heimdall_toolsConverter utils that can be included as a gem or used from the command line
149,899148grape-instrumentationOpenTracing instrumentation for Grape
149,899148game_ecsEntity Component System architecture in Ruby
149,899148embulk-formatter-mysql_xmlEmbulk formatter plugin to output value for MySQL's `LOAD XML` statement.
149,899148s5n_n2eYou can shorten any word/words you want as like, internationalization -> i18n or "Stay ...
149,899148logicumSimplifies writing a unit of business logic.
149,899148govuk_fe_assetsFE asssets - do not use this gem
149,899148plttThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
149,899148marfushaA containers orchestrator aiming to the space!
149,910147stimulus-generator-railsStimulusJS generator on Rails with Webpacker
149,910147jsonschema-generatorWrite a longer description or delete this line.
149,910147whiteblog-themeMinimal, wide and white blogging theme for Jekyll
149,910147decidim-membersThis gem is a member list and search plugin for decidim, you can active the gem via sys...
149,915146plate_apiThis gem can be used to connect to the Plate API. It takes care of the authentication...
149,915146Cold_SunA jekyll theme built with Zurb Foundation 6.
149,915146dopplerDoppler helps you manage your API keys and secrets across all your projects. See https:...
149,915146danger-chatworkNotify danger reports to ChatWork.
149,919145clinvoiceGenerates invoices using command line based on yaml file
149,919145remote_vlc2019Sends remote commands to VLC via HTTP.