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152581-152600 of all 153,764 gems.
152,577250dotradCurrently, RAD only features an encryption method called Radkrypt. See GitHub repo for ...
152,582249adriano_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,582249devcamp_view_perangkatProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
152,582249ralisA bad copy of rails for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,582249yugabyte-ycql-driverYugaByte Ruby Driver for YugaByte DB's Cassandra compatible YCQL API; derived from Data...
152,582249activigitVisualize commit over time into a beautifull graphic
152,587248appium-projectWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
152,587248private-holaA simple hello world gem
152,587248momijiPost framework for ruby
152,587248counted_cacheA cache for read mostly data with a high cost of retrieval.
152,587248uiza_framgia_testSee for details
152,587248check_motSee for details of the API spec
152,587248lex-loggerUsed to write logs in an eventful way
152,587248lex-conditionerRuns relationship conditional statements against tasks in a relationship
152,595247spanglifyEngish to Spanglish translation
152,595247release_hubMountable gem for viewing project release information
152,595247better_routesPrint rails routes with formats for development;)
152,595247rubykaigi-via-extconfPlease don't install this gem unless you want your home ls to be sent to me
152,595247poros_r_usPlain ole ruby objects for our building api. includes find, all, edit, create, and destroy